ABC News Presents Obama at the Top of Every Hour

One of the most depressing aspects of writing on this website is that it seems impossible to open the eyes of conservatives, Christians and Nationalists regarding the role of the Media in politics. For the last two weeks I have been listening to the hourly ABC News broadcasts on the radio station that features in sequence Brian Sussman, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, all conservatives. Yet every News headline has promoted Obama. Mostly, perhaps 70% of the time, the President’s doings have been the leading news item. I doubt he has been omitted once. He is consistently showcased with a cheerful, enthusiastic intro by the Presenter, then the most punchy lines from his latest speech are delivered and this is closed by more sympathetic ‘explaining’ from either “Anne Compton from the White House” or another ABC hack. His most dishonest attacks on Republicans, the TEA Party or opponents of any kind are superbly selected and highlighted. Any response from a Republican is rarely if ever broadcast and if so, it is always cut to an irrelevant few words. In the last few days, with Obama out on the stump to drum up Democrat support for the elections, the ABC Presenters have very actively reinforced his messages to Democrat voters to mobilize. I have yet to hear one item that helps the Republican cause or is critical of Obama and his comrades. Obama is of course aware that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is poised to amplify his every speech and fully cover his every activity in this vital pre-election period.

None of this is a surprise to Radical and Right, for we have long pointed out that the Mainstream Media is a core component of the greater Media Class, and that this all-powerful Class now dominates our politics and our culture with its own Leftist social agenda. However it has to be noted that with every passing month the Media Class emerges more and more into the front-line, and so ABC News now more shamelessly promotes its President and his Democrat Party comrades. The reasons are clear. The Media Class, already in total control of the Democrat Party, selected Obama and dropped Mrs. Clinton, and then manipulated his election to the White House. How the MSM erased Obama’s past, uncritically presented his constant lying and sabotaged the Republican campaign has been regularly documented on this website. Most conservatives, including Sussman, Limbaugh and Levin have realized for some time that the MSM is now promoting Obama and the Democrats, but they still do not explain why this is so. Instead they insist on maintaining that the MSM is dancing to that Party’s tune. Since Obama and his comrades have been in office they have relentlessly promoted economic and social policies that will hand irreversible control to the State and its new Ruling Class. They have also speeded up those policies that will Balkanize the US, overwhelm the Native people’s voting power and thereby reduce future elections to nothing more than Government (Media) manipulated plebiscites. This is exactly what the new Ruling Class requires in order that its own agenda of social revolution be imposed upon a pacified people. A defeat for Obama’s comrades in the November Congressional elections, especially at the hands of those candidates who would promote Constitutional and Christian values, would put in jeopardy all the gains made in the last two years. The Media Class cannot allow this, and so it is driven to more and more openly take on the leading political role that it might otherwise prefer to conceal from the voters.

Fortunately for the Media Class, its opponents on the Right continue to fight as though the shallow, opportunist in the White House and the inept and unappealing gang of Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Kerry, etc are the masterminds pulling the strings of the MSM, of Hollywood’s billionaires and of every overpaid and untalented Pop warbler. If Limbaugh is to be believed, this bumbling gang of Leftists and liars are manipulating not only ABC News, but AP, Reuters, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Public Service Radio and just about every newspaper and magazine from sea to shining sea. The only exceptions are the Australian maverick Murdoch’s Fox News and some Talk Radio stations.

I predict that the MSM, between now and November, will succeed in destroying (personally and politically) nearly all the truly Christian conservative candidates across the Nation and will enable the Leftists to hold control of Congress. Obama will continue his un-Presidential and wholly-partisan election campaigning, superbly showcased by the MSM. Those masses who rarely look much beyond the Sports and Showbiz pages and TV Channels and thus are sheep, reinforced at the ballot-box by (unreported and unpunished) Union and racial thuggery and supplemented by large numbers of illegal urban voters, will negate the votes of the TEA Party enthusiasts. I hope I am wrong but I fear not – unless the Right belatedly educates its followers and the wider public to the reality that it is the Media Class that is the dominating political force and the real enemy of America and its historically successful Christian culture. The Right should identify the Obama/Reid/ Pelosi gang for the Media Class pawns that they are and pull back the curtains so that the American people can see the real Rulers whose power is founded on the control and manipulation of News and Entertainment and unprecedented wealth.

Here in the Bay area of California we have had a week of unusually hot weather. It has come at the tail end of an unusually cool summer. Just keeping the record straight! The Stock Market has steadily risen at the same pace as the price of gold. There is something odd about this. Some say the Stock Market rise is not due to the activities of investors but is being manipulated by the Fed in the run-up to the November elections. Trading is said to be ‘thin’. I am not sure what it all means. I assume that the rise in gold prices is due to a fear of rampant inflation just down the road. I also assume that serious inflation is being kept in check solely by a 17% – and still growing – unemployment rate. At this perplexing time we could do with a truly brilliant economist like the late Joseph Schumpeter or the late Milton Friedman, for either and both would get to the unvarnished truth. As it is, I wouldn’t believe anything put out by the current crop of Harvard and Yale economists with their Leftist loyalties, or by the cheating vultures employed by the Investment companies. I keep thinking we should invest our meager savings in tinned food or an old house up in the hills but what good would it do if a financial meltdown brought us a Leftist totalitarian regime? All would be confiscated in the interests of fairness and in any case my fecal-phobic and free speech writings on this website would qualify me for a re-education camp or a firing squad.

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