A Watershed Election

We are now just two days away from the local government elections in the UK. The main interest will center on the seats being contested for the town and city councils, but there will also be contests for the Welsh and Scottish Assemblies, where proportional representation decides who is elected. In the council elections it will be the first-past-the-post system that also operates in general elections for Parliament (for the benefit of non-UK readers, this means winner takes all).

As only about half the seats become vacant in any yearly election for town councils, the election outcome will not be a dramatic change in political control, except in those towns where the governing party has a slim majority. It is unusual for much more than a third of eligible voters to cast a ballot, so one can assume that it is the dedicated and most political people who vote, and not the non-aligned and ‘floating’ voters who boost the turnout in Parliamentary elections. Nevertheless, local government elections are keenly fought by the Parties and are seen as a referendum on the national government of the day, as well as a guide to public opinion. For these reasons the Media pays a lot of attention to the elections, even if much of the public doesn’t.

It is widely predicted in the Media that Prime Minister Blair’s Labour Party will suffer a catastrophic defeat and that the Liberal Democrats and Cameron’s Tories will make big gains. Blair has found himself abandoned by the Leftist BBC ever since he supported President Bush in the invasion of Iraq, and with Cameron getting BBC support for his lunge to the Left on social issues like same-sex marriage, it is certainly likely that Labour will take a hit.

On this website, we hold an unpopular view. It is that by actively supporting the US in the war on terrorism, Blair has done the one brave and principled thing of his reign as PM. In every other way he will deserve to take his party down in flames. During the life of his Labour government, the floodgates have been left wide open to immigration, every official body has promoted a multi-culturalism that includes intimidating the host population and eliminating English and Christian culture, British sovereignty has been sacrificed to the EU Parliament and EU Courts, and the redistribution of income from the working people to the feckless and foreign has accelerated. Perhaps most importantly of all, the police force and Courts have become active instruments of the drive for the dismemberment of the UK and the destruction of the host culture.

Unfortunately, a defeat for the Labour Party will do nothing to reverse the above policies, for the LibDems and Cameron’s Tories (and in Wales and Scotland, the self-styled Nationalist Parties) will take the British people down exactly the same road. All the Establishment Parties are fighting to get their noses in the same trough and to do this they must gain Media Class approval. Even the fringe Parties such as Plaid (Wales) the Scottish National Party and the Green Party have the same socialist, multi-cultural, multi-racial, anti-Christian policies. Only the British National Party advocates stopping all immigration, reversing muti-culturalism and leaving the EU. It is the only Party that says it will put the native British people first.

Many months ago, I wrote an article on this website that referred to the BNP as the ‘elephant in the room’, and that as the elections neared, the Media Class would be torn between not mentioning it at all or running scurrilous stories about its members. I make no claim to being especially insightful now that I can say ‘I told you so!’ The BNP itself claims to be moderately pleased with the Media coverage it is getting and feels it is becoming less hostile and unfair. I see no evidence of this and indeed see evidence of a dangerous and sinister direction, in that the Media totally fails to cover the persecution of BNP activists by the police and courts.

The two alternatives I mention above, are the only ones open to a Media Class that rules UK politics from behind the scenes, as it pursues its own Leftist agenda. For, the facts are these. The policies that are being advocated by the BNP are hugely popular with a majority of the native British people and the Media Class agenda is not. It is Media Class policy to ensure that the British people be presented with what look like several alternatives when the reality is that the fundamentals of the Media’s agenda are being promoted by all of them. These fundamentals include dismembering the UK, imposing multi-racialism, expunging British cultural and religious traditions, promoting homosexuality and other deviant lifestyles and creating an apathetic population that is dependent on government. The Media Class desperately fears the presence of a real alternative and that is what the BNP is – a real alternative.

Fortunately for the Media Class, most British people are still not aware of the policies of the BNP and get bad impressions of its membership from dishonest and very selective Media reporting. Where the BNP has been able to put its activists in direct contact with voters, it has done well. It remains to be seen how much progress it has made by this strategy and Thursday’s votes will reveal whether or not the strategy and the Internet has broken the Media monopoly on information about the Party.

Mr. Radical and Mr. Right hope the Party makes a real breakthrough and shatters the conspiracy that the other parties are trying to create with the connivance of the Media. We do not support several of the BNP’s policies (Iraq and the war against the terrorists, its anti-US sentiments, its racial policy and its economic bias towards socialism) but we believe it is a party that will promote free speech, will turn the tide of immigration, will stop the Islamification of the UK and will defend the basic rights and freedoms of the British people. Being realistic about the Party’s own resources and the massive resources being employed to stifle it, we think that a gain of 100 council seats and a handful of seats in the Welsh and Scottish Assemblies would be enough to cause a small political earthquake in UK politics. Ideally we would like to see an earthquake off the Richter scale!

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