A War of Words

Anyone who daily monitors the Media outlets cannot fail to conclude that the Media Class wants the USA and its allies to be defeated in the War on Terror and more particularly to be defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. All reporting is a catalog of disasters and one could be forgiven for thinking there has never been a military or civil success. Not even the original invasions were reported as victories. Newscasters cannot hide their disappointment when reporting Iraq election results, nor their glee when reporting US casualties. Any printed “good” news is always accompanied by, and overshadowed by, a “but….”.

This website constantly reminds readers that all of the Media’s information should be distrusted. Better still, assume that the opposite of what its daily propaganda tell us, is true. This website supports the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, indeed any actions which take the fight to the Islamic terrorist enemy.

My reason for reiterating the above is that the Media always focuses on the Sunnis in Iraq, indeed seems to be pre-occupied with their welfare and future. We are told every day that if the Sunnis don’t vote, the election is meaningless; if they don’t overwhelmingly approve the Constitution, then Bush’s attempt to plant democracy is doomed. The remaining 80% of Iraqis count little with the Media. Would it be going too far to say that the Media Class is pinning its hopes for Allied failure on the Sunnis of the triangle?

Are we on this website alone in believing that the Bush Administration has spent far too long trying to get the Sunnis “on board”. This tactic is, we believe, probably doomed to failure. There is a lesson about wars, indeed all life and death struggles. If, one day you are attacked by a man who clearly intends to kill or maim you, and you have the luck or strength to throw him to the ground, do not hesitate to stomp on his face, break his arms and do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t get up or want to get up. At the end of World War Two, the German and Japanese people were left in no doubt that they had lost. Dresden, Cologne, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were face stomping and arm breaking actions, as was the punishment meted out by the Soviets in the East. The result was that pacifism has characterised these once-beligerent countries for fifty years.

A big problem in Iraq is that the Sunnis have never truly experienced the equivalent of face stomping and arm breaking and do not believe that they have been crushed. The result is a cruel daily casualty list of Allied soldiers and innocent Shias and Kurds. The very next roadside bomb or suicide bombing outrage should result in some very unpleasant experiences for the Sunni population, so that they finally realise they have lost the war. The Media will not approve of course, nor will their street followers and academics, but then, they don’t want us to win.

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