A Short-Lived Retirement

Like the late great Frank Sinatra, I am making a quick come-back. After a week of freedom from having to read and scan the Media’s lies and distortions, I am resuming the burden of lone unmasker of the ruling Media Class. Our website’s announcement last week that it was closing for business has resulted in a flurry of emails from regular visitors who clearly value our articles. To quote ‘erick at patriot-fire’, “several [articles] changed my own perspectives … be assured that your message is heard”. Well, who can resist being needed?

We are following in the footsteps and spreading the message of George Wellor who in the early 1980’s wrote a long essay entitled “The Trojan Horse. The True Face of Socialism in Britain” (with a foreword by Graham Webster-Gardiner) which described how the British Leftists, aided by Academia, the self-styled Civil Rights groups and the Media were undermining the UK’s Conservative Government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the moral values of the British people. This essay, in the form of a lengthy pamphlet, was taken up and published by the Conservative Family Campaign and sent to every Conservative Member of Parliament, though with little impact. During this period, Wellor, in the course of supporting a Christian conservative activist who sought Media exposure, realized that the Media people had the crucial power over politicians and ideas and, just as importantly, had their own common agenda. Wellor, a one-time Marxist, realized that a revolution was taking place and that this signaled the rise of a new Class. He was able to chart the rise of this Class in Britain and describe its component parts. He also saw that the same Class was assuming power in the US and other Western Democracies. He began to write a book, but lacked the time and resources to complete it quickly, and then made some further attempts to broaden his topic to include the US. He never completed his book because he could not work out how the Media Class could be defeated and how Western civilization could be saved. We will begin posting up Wellor’s book on this website, but for now, here, for the benefit of new visitors and for the clarification of regulars is our explanation of Wellor’s theory.

In the course of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, technological advances and the driving force of free enterprise, put a TV screen into the living room of every household, first in the US and soon after in the UK. TV superseded radio, newspapers and the cinema as the main source of both leisure and news. As TV stations multiplied and as TV became a 24 hour a day service, several very significant things inevitably happened. The TV companies forged an alliance with Hollywood, and the division between film making for cinemas and film making for TV, became redundant. This brought together all those involved – producers, directors, camera staff, technicians, actors and financiers. The greater demand for films as 24/7 entertainment, speeded up the marriage of Theater/Arts and Film. News became entertainment and the barriers between the Print Media and TV became redundant so that News journalists and editors were able to move freely from Print to TV and back again. News commentators and opinion makers became household names and began to achieve near stardom and command star-sized paychecks. News on TV, driven by the need to always entertain, became shallow, thus paving the way for easier manipulation and corruption of truthful news. The demand for more and more entertainment on Television soon sucked in professional sport. TV offered a new and attractive source of income to the sports that it favored and soon most professional sports depended more on TV income and exposure than on gate receipts. Professional sports people gained financially (and how!) and became ‘stars’ along with actors. The price has been that sports stars and officials dare not say anything politically incorrect. And the world of Advertizing and its side-kick the World of Fashion soon followed suit, becoming seamless with TV, Hollywood, Pro Sport, Magazines and the wide World of Entertainment that is Pop music. The whole lot together, bound to each other, sharing in the riches and thus sharing in values, became the Media Class. This newly created Class, that has as its core, Television, Hollywood and ‘News’, is inevitably both morally Bohemian and politically Leftist. The Bohemian morality needs little explanation, for its morality is exposed constantly in the lives and works of writers, artists, actors, musicians and those all around them. Drink, drugs, sex, neuroses, narcism, perversion, grandiosity, avoidance of reality and addiction to fantasy, displaced guilt – these are the dominant characteristics of the Media people. Their Leftism is less easily explained but the Media World has a high constituency of European Jews (who historically have been anti-Christian, anti-Nationalist, pro-Communist and Internationalist) and the News Media draws its members from the publicly-funded Academia. And Bohemians have always leaned Left, being attracted by irrational idealism, Utopian fantasy and the rejection of the Christian values that illuminate their own weaknesses.

This dysfunctional and Left-leaning new Class has been unable to take control of a democratic society on its own even though it has a near monopoly over news and information, for it needs foot soldiers, the votes of masses, and an overtly political machine. Thus it has in the USA taken over the Democrat Party and in the UK it has taken over the Labour Party. In addition its great and largely concealed power has enabled it to suborn other political parties and semi-political organizations.

A new ruling Class is driven to re-create society in its own image and for its own benefit. To do so, it has to destroy the preceding society, for it is a revolutionary movement. Unlike preceding ruling Classes, this new ruling Media Class is more concerned with morality than economics, but it has to satisfy its allies of the Left – the Union bureaucracies, the ideological Socialists and the public sector workforces – and so it lends its power to help expand the public sector and other Leftist obsessions. Its quid pro quo is that they in turn support its revolutionary moral/social agenda which includes the destruction of traditional Christianity and Nationalism. In the USA, the new Ruling Class seeks the creation of a new and ‘progressive’ morality that remakes sexual relationships, sexual identities, marriage, and much else. Some call the results of this a ‘Culture War’, which is an inadequate description for a revolution. On this website we are not promoting an ideology for we are merely describing the forces at work, many of which remain below the surface of things. We defend Christianity, conservatism and Nationalism not because we favor one over another, but because all are obstacles to the will of the new ruling Media Class which we believe to be a disastrous Class. We would have taken the same view of the revolutionary movements of Communism, Fascism and National Socialism – all revolutionary and Godless movements that sought to overthrow the Judeo Christian culture that has evolved over 2000 years. On this website we work to expose the Media Class and its objectives, many of which are concealed, and we aim to place all political events in this context. Stay with us and spread our word!

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