A Ship Without A Pilot

As the world’s economies continue to be overwhelmed like sandcastles tumbling before an incoming tide, the one economy that might have survived looks as flimsy as the rest. Yesterday Monday 23rd February saw the US stock market continue its downward spiral and today’s 3% recovery is unlikely to reverse the trend for long. The 6000’s now beckon and the unavoidable conclusion is that most investors have no confidence in the Obama Administration despite, or because of, the huge spending plans that have been rushed through Congress and touted by the new President. No-one with half a brain who has taken even a peek at the ‘plans’ can believe that they are in any way designed to shore up the economy. No matter how the Mainstream Media tries to gloss over the content with commentaries about getting Americans back to work and restoring the bell-weather housing market, the incontestable fact is that the ‘plan’ is mostly politics and minimal economics.

We appear to be on a ship that is headed for the reefs instead of the estuary channel, in the midst of a hurricane and the man wearing the captain’s uniform is in the lounge with his cronies and toasting his own promotion. Meanwhile, no-one is on the bridge and certainly no-one is holding the wheel. I suppose it is possible that somewhere on USS Washington there are experts busy checking the life-boats but who knows and will they also end up on the rocks? I hope I am wrong about this ship and its captain but I am getting a terrible sinking (no pun intended) feeling. Some conservatives, Nationalists and Republicans may be getting a certain satisfaction from ‘We told you so!’ sentiments but many of us are going to drown if this ship goes on the rocks.

On Sunday evening some of our rulers in the Media Class were busy in the ship’s lounge celebrating. The Academy Awards in Hollywood have never seemed more irrelevant to real life but the problem with our new ruling Class is that it is the most degenerate and dysfunctional Class ever to ascend to power. The Hollywood gang did more than any other section of the Media Class to kick-start the Obama campaign for it withdrew its funds from the Clintons and gave tens of millions of dollars to the least qualified (and probably most disqualified) candidate the Democrat Party has ever produced. Unfortunately there were plenty of other hugely rich American-haters like George Soros ready to line up with the Media Class to ensure that nothing that money could buy for Obama was left on the shelf. Once the rest of the Media Class cabal that controls the news propaganda lined up in Class solidarity, the Clintons were outspent, denigrated and outmaneuvered and then the hapless McCain suffered the same fate.

No doubt in Hollywood on Sunday night, the girly-boys and other libertines were deliriously happy, for here they were with their bought- and- paid- for man in the White House and a commanding majority in both Houses of Congress. Roll on same-sex marriage, the abandonment of the age of consent (especially for boys!), no more laws about pornography, unrestricted sex – and the dirtier the better – on the TV and cinema screens of America, open borders to ensure a stream of rootless youngsters come looking for a bed, abortion on demand, the elevation of Aids research to priority status, the elimination of Christian morality from the schools and a new speech and thought code that will silence the voice of the Right!

No-one should be surprised that awards went to the late Heath Ledger of Brokeback Mountain fame and to the writer of the Harvey Milk story. Soon these films that are nothing but homosexual propaganda and have tanked with the public, will be compulsory viewing in the Nation’s schools. Yes, the Hollywood gang was ecstatic on Sunday night, though their joy might be short-lived for who knows where an economic catastrophe will end? The last great Depression that engulfed the world had many unforeseen and deadly consequences and many of the privileged of Europe and the Far East who believed that they themselves would be safe, perished along with the rest. There is reason to believe that the Leftists in Congress are using the economic catastrophe to quickly usher in all the measures necessary to deal a deadly blow to private enterprise and to those workers and savers who are the backbone of the US. Obama is ready to sign any measure the Democrat Congress puts before him for, like them, he cares nothing about the things that made America great. But the Depression that is now starting to grip the USA and all of the modern world economies will have unintended consequences. The last one that started in 1929 on Wall Street and then swept Europe benefitted not the ruling Classes of the day, but new totalitarian movements and their leaders Stalin and Hitler. As the old class structure of Europe’s Nation States unexpectedly collapsed, the new political parties of International and National Socialism unleashed and empowered the mobs. Political leaders emerged who harnessed gangster tactics and totalitarian ideologies in order to conquer the world and rule by terror.

I would not waste time predicting the outcome of the great Depression that now beckons, for as always there are too many variables, but totalitarian ideologies and the little bureaucratic minions willing to serve them are already with us. Only the charismatic leaders are missing. In Europe, the European Union is stuffed with those faceless bureaucrats who like the meek Nazi Adolph Eichmann, never question the organization they serve. The immigrant multi-cultural, multi-national masses that now fester in the once-great and now over-populated cities have no attachment to anything, except for those who are inspired by pan-Islamic Imperialism. The native intellectual elites and the Media Class that controls information and politicians have no moral compass and only hatred for Europe’s Christian heritage. The pan-Islamic fifth column that is attached to its own deadly totalitarian movement grows larger and more assertive by the day. It is not hard to see a Depression and mass unemployment sweeping away the self-serving EU clique in Brussels and the governments they legislate for in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, The Hague and London. And what will economic collapse do to the regimes in Russia, China and the new and fragile states that lie between them?

In the US, the Government of Obama and the Congressional Democrats may have myriad Socialist intentions and be using the current economic chaos to introduce their leveling-down programs but when things get really bad and unemployment unleashes the racial tensions that already simmer I doubt that they will have the slightest idea of how to solve problems and exert control. In Hollywood on Sunday evening, our ruling Class was preoccupied with sodomy and the young. Dustin Lance Black, writer of ‘MILK’ and an award winner, apparently made an impassioned speech about ‘gay rights’ for children. He claimed that at 13 years old he knew he was homosexual but was unable to openly indulge his preferences because of the oppressive morality that held sway. Only his “beautiful mother” understood and sustained him through his youth. He believes that the US is now finally acknowledging the rights of children who wish to be openly homosexual.

I don’t believe that children of 13 understand their sexuality at all and only those who have already been corrupted by adults define themselves as homosexual. But the perverts in our ruling Class cannot wait to sweep away the legal and moral barriers that prevent them from exploiting the young. They will rationalize sexualizing the young of both sexes as another step in personal liberation and equal Human Rights. Issues like this are the priority for the people who put Obama in the White House and they will be his priority too.

In Hollywood on Sunday evening we saw the evidence that the USA is on the brink of finally turning its back on the Christian morality that made the Nation great. When we look at Europe, where Christianity has already been jettisoned, we see the forces of pan-Islamic totalitarianism filling the moral void. The Media Ruling Class of Europe and its bureaucrats will collapse like a pack of cards when faced with powerful ideological movements capable of unleashing the mob. The USA with its current ruling Class and political leadership, is following in the footsteps of Europe but the economic hurricane will surely sweep all before it.

On Thursday in the UK, the British National Party will contest the Broxtowe Council’s Greasley ward. In May, 2007 the Tories easily held the former Labour Party seat and the BNP came third beating the LibDems with 17% of the vote. It would be marvelous if the BNP could win, but the reality is that the Party will have done well if it can move into second place and build on that 17 percent.

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