A Right to Equality before the Media?

As soon as the news of the murder of black teenager Anthony Walker flashed up on my screen, we knew the Media Class would be pursuing this with a vengeance. We have not been disappointed since. The BBC in particular is making sure that we know this was another episode of racist violence by whites. He had done nothing to bring about the violent attack that ended his life so cruelly. He was blameless; a churchgoer and a student who was also a keen basketball player and wanted to be a lawyer. The coverage has continued in the main news bulletins every day since, and we will find this story frontpage for a long time to come.

There is nothing wrong in any of this reporting, except horrible attacks take place on the streets of today’s UK every day. Some end in death for some very decent people who also happened to be vulnerable and white. However, these attacks will be below the radar of the National Media and may just make a brief story in a local paper. Most probably, you will never be aware of such attacks and be left to conclude that non-whites are always the victims.

The BNP, for example, on their website report other recent murderous attacks that seem remarkably similar to the attack on Anthony except that the victims were white. Now you may ask, “Is the BNP doing this because it is a racist organisation wanting to stir up emotions for political gain?” If you ask this question of yourself, you are asking the wrong question and falling for the Media Class’s agenda.

The real question is “Why does the Mainstream Media avoid reporting these other cases and giving them equal publicity, and why does it march in lockstep?”

If the Media is in the business of reporting news objectively and selling newspapers or viewing time, one would expect that at least a majority of national Media outlets would treat ALL the murders more or less equally. After all, brutal murders on the streets are very newsworthy. The answer, of course, is that the Media Class is not in the business of objective reporting, nor are commercial considerations of prime importance. The Agenda is of prime importance and none seem willing to break ranks. They follow the BBC’s lead in the UK and the New York Times in the USA. The public is being fed propaganda by the Media Class on all political and social issues and only the internet (Talk Radio in the USA) and websites by small and embattled groups like the BNP, provide the news you should all have.

If you want proof that the Media Class is pursuing an agenda of its own, do not follow the Anthony Walker case as such, but note the Media’s treatment of it. At the same time see if you can find a similar treatment of the other murders which took place at the same time but where the roles were reversed.

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