A New Week But Same Old Media Lies And Propaganda

The cool weather here in mid-California has continued. I cannot comment on Southern or Northern California’s weather but from first-hand experience I can firmly state that this has been a cold year here so far. Now I know that weather in one relatively small part of the world is not proof of anything and I would be reluctant to mention ours if it were not for the fact that the global warming crowd seize on any hot spell anywhere to proclaim that the end of the earth is imminent.

The UK, after an unseasonably warm April has had a cool wet May and from my distant memories, a wet cool May is par for the course there. On the basis of my lying eyes, I remain unconvinced that the earth is experiencing anything more than normal climate fluctuations. It may be that the scientific global warming alarmists (and there are many scientists who do not believe that significant warming is taking place) are on to something but until Al Gore and the ‘Rock Against The Global Clock Of Doom’ crowd start to live as if they believe their own propaganda, I am not going to panic. When the Washington and Hollywood gangs start to live the Ghandi life-style, that will be the time for us all to start growing our own vegetables and cycling to work.

Whilst mentioning Hollywood’s narcissists, I must draw attention to a recently published book by Jeffrey Stepakoff, and titled ‘Billion-Dollar Kiss’. I doubt any reader of this website has heard of Stepakoff, so I will reveal that he was a staff writer and producer on TV shows that included “Dawson’s Creek” and “The Wonder Years”. His book is a confession of guilt about the money he made whilst so employed. He also reveals in detail how much many other TV people made in the period 1994 to 2001. Thus we learn that Phil Rosenthal, executive producer of “Everybody Loves Raymond” made $50m in four years. Many of these get-rich-quick TV people invested in property. Mr. Stepakoff would have us believe that these bonanza days are over, but I don’t buy that. I keep a weekly file of the sales and purchases of US top drawer homes and I can tell you that the Media People are still buying and selling the vast majority of them. In the last few weeks actor Nicolas Cage has had a $9.4m San Francisco property up for sale, rock ‘star’ Lennie Kravitz has a Manhattan apartment selling at $19.5m (in the same block as an apartment that Courtney Love sold for $5m last year) and Media billionaire Haim Saban has an Acapulco estate on the market for $12m. I won’t be a bore by continuing this inexhaustible list.

I draw attention to the evidence of great wealth amongst the Media people, not out of envy, but to underscore the claims of this website that the Media Class not only exists but pays the pipers and calls the tunes. The Media Class has grown phenomenally wealthy since the 1980’s, outpacing all other groups and with wealth goes power. I do not claim to know whether its members’ power (based on the control of information and news) led to their wealth or whether their wealth conferred power. I am inclined to believe that the power came first, but the wealth must reinforce the power also.

Good luck to people who get rich by legal means, for their freedom is our freedom too, but we should all be aware of who they are and how they exert influence. This Media Class would have us get enraged about industrialists and bankers who are wealthy, and would have us all heavily taxed so that we never get rich. They would have us hand over billions of our tax money to Africa and AIDs and many other pet causes whilst they go on accumulating wealth and property. And they spout Leftist feel-good talk and fund Leftist politicians and pretend to care about the poor and the workers. On this website we singlehandedly try to open the eyes of conservatives, nationalist and Christians to the real source of political power in the Western World. Not much luck so far but we live in hope!

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