A New Kind Of War

In my previous article I referred to what President Bush called the “war on terror”. It is a phrase constantly used against him by his “peace” opponents. George Soros has asserted that the use of the phrase is itself a catastrophe in that it has created enemies for the USA and led to unnecessary wars. Soros has also claimed, without any evidence, that it has stopped the US from effectively focusing on bin Laden and his followers. This is all mere sophistry and the war we are engaged in is too deadly to waste time on sophistry.

Whether we talk of a war on terror, a war against terrorists, against Islamic fundamentalism, against Islamic Fascism or a war against Islamic Imperialism (our definition), we pretty much know whom we are fighting, or do we?

I wrote last week that our enemies have attempted to take advantage of two things—not being overtly identified with a nation state; and having a large fifth column in all Western nations. The fifth column I was referring to is of course the large number of Muslim immigrants and converts in Europe and the USA. These immigrant communities provide our enemies with a recruiting pool, camouflage, safe havens and a sympathetic environment. Most of the growing Muslim enclaves in Europe are quite hostile to the host nations and their cultures and are internally organized to make increasingly strident demands on the hosts. Whenever members of the host populations have complained about the lack of integration, the Media and its Leftist allies have denounced them as bigots, racists and Nazis.

Leftist politicians, egged on by a powerful media have encouraged the Balkanization of Western nations and ensured that integration is not on the political agenda. In the UK, those who have warned of the dangers have been silenced, at first by being marginalized and more recently by strongly enforced laws designed to stifle free speech. The word “diversity” has become the most powerful propaganda tool of the Media Class and is used to promote resignation and submission amongst the native peoples of the Western Nations and the destruction of their traditional institutions such as heterosexual marriage, Christmas and Easter.

In several cases the tactic of the terrorist groups (and their paymasters who control authoritarian governments) of non-identification with nation states has been what we might call a put-up job. There is no doubt that Saddam’s regime was actively promoting terrorism and little doubt that Iran and Syria are now doing so with renewed energy. When President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq he quite properly saw through the charade that Saddam and the terrorists were indulging in.

I am sure it is true that many Muslim immigrants are not happy having terrorist recruiters and warmongers in their midst, but are afraid to speak out for fear of quick and savage retribution. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. In the 1940’s there must have been many civilians in Europe who wished that the German army was not embedded in their territory, especially when the allied forces advanced toward Germany and the fighting took place in their towns and villages. Similarly in North Africa and other places, non-Europeans found themselves caught up in, and suffering as a result of the conflict between European armies. However, war is a brutal business and we trusted the military commanders of that era to do their best to limit civilian casualties. The media outlets of that time, far less powerful and promoting no self-serving agenda, supported our troops and the war effort, despite innocent civilian casualties and widespread destruction.

We see now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon that our enemies not only pretend to have no connection with governments that can be held accountable (whilst giving aid, arms and instructions), but also move freely amongst mainly sympathetic civilian populations, thus being able to take advantage of the West’s reluctance to cause civilian casualties.

In my previous article, I failed to mention a third strategy our enemies have adopted. It is that of using civilians as soldiers and as weapons. The bomb-strapped Arab women and children who walk up to army posts in order to blow up both themselves and the posts, and the civilians who drive into market places and detonate their vehicles, are soldiers of the enemy.

This brings me back to my earlier question! Do we realize whom it is we are fighting?

As well as the Muslim immigrant communities in our midst, we also have a large subversive population of our own people, orchestrated by a Media Class that has a hidden agenda. Thus we have a powerful “anti-war” movement that gives aid and comfort to our enemies. This anti-war movement cannot talk openly about surrender and then expect its politicians to win elections, so instead it shouts vacuous slogans (Bush Lied!), blames 9/11 on Bush, cries crocodile tears for our military casualties (Cindy Sheehan), bemoans the financial costs of war and calls for negotiations (with whom?). It is aided by staged photos and dishonest news reporting, making it seem that all the military actions taken by our troops only result in civilian casualties whilst the enemy remains unscathed.

As I set out earlier, our enemies’ whole strategy is based on them being embedded among their own civilians and then relying on our media and its Leftist allies to create disgust and war-weariness in the US and UK. The Media Class and its Leftist allies know full well that by demanding the US, UK and Israel not inflict civilian casualties, it is crippling our ability to prevail.

This strategy will succeed in the coming US elections unless President Bush and his Party take the gloves off with the enemy at home. He must make sure that everyone understands that this war cannot be won without many civilian casualties. Our enemies give us no choice. In Europe, the governments must stop pandering to minority populations, halt all further immigration and enforce cultural integration. In the war against Islamic Imperialism there is no place for divided nations.

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