A Death in Paris

The recent kidnapping, prolonged torture and death of a young Jewish man in Paris has made headlines in the French Media. This in itself is newsworthy, given that the perpetrators of this dreadful crime are alleged to be a mixture of Arab and African gang members from an immigrant neighborhood. The gang leader, an African in his mid-twenties, was traced to his home country on the Ivory Coast. Those of us who monitor Media practices are used to cover-ups concerning immigrant violence to Whites. The French Media attention to this crime comes therefore as something of a shock.

It has long been the practice of the UK Media to conceal the deaths of white victims of immigrant and minority killers and the law and order authorities collude in this conspiracy. In contrast, the few minority victims of White violence are constantly headlined and usually misrepresented as paragons of virtue, plucked from a life full of promise. Of course, all victims of arbitrary violence deserve to be referred to with some respect, but it is hard to keep out a bitter note when writing on this subject, since the kidnapping, torture and murder of White British people in their own country is becoming an epidemic. The deliberate disinformation fed to the people of the UK by the mainstream Media and government authorities is an outrageous scandal but is designed to avoid alerting and mobilizing the electorate, lest people vote for the BNP.

Nothing, and certainly not public opinion, is to be allowed to interrupt the flood of Third World immigration into Europe. We on this website reject the view that the Media and government authorities of Europe practice the concealment of immigrant violence out of fear of a Muslim backlash. The Muslim and African communities in our midst are not so large and cohesive that they cannot be contained. At least, not yet! It is the native populations of Europe that the architects of mass immigration fear.

The publicity within France granted to the young Jewish victim in Paris is unusual, especially as it has even reached across the Atlantic, generating an editorial in the Wall St Journal and comment on the Michelle Malkin website. One can only assume it is because he was Jewish and Jews are not prepared to see his death swept under the carpet. Good for them, if this is the case! Perhaps they have better access to the Media than Scottish people, since the equally cruel killing of young Glaswegian Kriss Donald in March 2004 has never surfaced in the mainstream Media anywhere in the world. The facts of both deaths are remarkably similar, yet the public remains unaware of Donald’s brutal killing, and of a disturbing number of other UK killings since. If it were not for the tenaciousness of the small and persecuted Nationalist political parties of the UK and their access to the Internet, all would be non-events. Maybe such killings are happening ever more frequently throughout Western Europe. How would we know?

Radical and Right believe that violence by certain minorities perpetrated against the host population of the UK is increasing. We believe that it will continue to increase. There are several reasons for our pessimism. One is that the rulers of all Western Nations, including the UK, are determined to maintain the influx of Third World peoples. The disastrous consequences for ordinary native Europeans have yet to impinge on those who are responsible for the influx. Many minority peoples will not or cannot integrate and are increasingly hostile and assertive as their numbers increase. The facts of the violence are concealed from the public by Media propaganda. The imposition of “political correctness” on public life and institutions and new laws and regulations stifling free speech, coupled with the Media’s censorship of news, prevents the host population from mobilizing in its own defence.

It is unlikely that the publicity of the cruel murder of the young French Jew, Ilan Halimi, will translate into any fundamental changes in the dynamics of either immigration policy or law and order practices, not in France, the UK or any other Western Nation. He will soon be as forgotten as Kriss Donald and new brutal and casual killings will hardly warrant a Media mention.

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