A Challenge to the BNP

This website continually warns against relying on the mainstream media for honest and objective news. Mainstream media organizations like the BBC, the Associated Press, Reuters and almost all national and local newspapers and TV stations have become conduits of the Leftist propaganda of the Media Class. Slanting news stories to mislead the public is only one part of their deception. Another part is to ignore important stories altogether.

People who search for the truth and the whole picture have to tune in to US conservative Talk Radio and visit conservative and nationalist websites on the Internet. Over the past couple of years, Radical and Right, like many others have discovered that the British National Party website has seemed to be fearless, truthful and accurate, providing a lot of important information and news deliberately ignored by the British mainstream Media. There must be many who, whilst not agreeing with all BNP policies, have, by visiting its website daily, come to see it as a Party with integrity and a concern for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A political party fighting against the odds and seeking power through the ballot box would be wise to appeal to a broad swathe of sympathetic voters as well as to those who accept its policies 100%. Some degree of transparency and openness is a prerequisite of public trust, so it was a nasty surprise to read last Friday ‘s BNP website and discover that there had been a by-election at Keighley in Yorkshire and the party had lost a council seat.

As far as we are aware the BNP website never previously mentioned that the sitting councilor, Angela Clarke, had resigned her seat, nor that an election was pending. This, after all, was not any old seat, but one of the few held by the nationalist party. It is surely strange that Mrs. Clarke would have resigned so near to the May elections, unless she was at odds with the Party leadership. Until very recently, she has been mentioned in many BNP reports, including the No. 69 Issue of the Party’s paper “The Voice Of Freedom”. She was a representative on two Councils and there is no mention of her current status on Bradford Council.

BNP councilors, including Mrs. Clarke, who suffered much physical victimization, are brave people and we know that they suffer daily at the hands of Trade Union thugs, Marxist louts of the self-styled Anti-Nazi organizations, the Media and most recently the British police forces. That some eventually find the pressure and persecution too much is no surprise.

If the BNP is to convince us all that it is not a totalitarian party masquerading as a democratic party, it needs to be up-front about internal disagreements amongst its public figures. What appears to have happened in this instance (a prominent member suddenly becoming a non-person without explanation) is typical of Marxist organizations structured on “democratic centralist” principles. Marxist totalitarian parties hold a set of beliefs that all members must adhere to without question and the party leader, as guardian of the ideology, purges any dissidents who then become non-persons. Perhaps there is another explanation for Mrs. Clarke’s sudden departure and the silence surrounding it. If not, then concerns that the BNP is, at its core, a Socialist party with totalitarian instincts, seem validated.

Coincidentally, the Party is officially blaming its election defeat on voter dislike of unnecessary bye-elections, but maybe Keighley voters have been reading the BNP newspaper and discovering that the party would penalize supermarkets and cheap foreign holiday flights for the masses. Few British voters yearn for the return of the fly-blown corner grocery shop limited to seasonal fruit and vegetables and an annual wet holiday in Blackpool. These notions are pessimistic, backward looking and fundamentally socialist.

We challenge the BNP to quickly post on its website the full story of Mrs. Clarke’s defection, together with some refutation of the winning Labour candidate’s charges of BNP exploitation of the “child-grooming” scandal in Bradford.

Our take on all this is that the BNP is the only party in the UK that offers the British people an alternative to those parties that support the Media Class’ agenda, but it has to adopt a democratic structure and show constant integrity if it is to be trusted by the British voters. If it does not, it will remain on the periphery of national politics, mistrusted as an authoritarian and reactionary socialist sect.

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