A Busy Week For Media Spinmeisters

The defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman in a Connecticut Democrat Party primary last week had the US media ecstatic. Every media report stressed that the voters were punishing him for his support of the “Bush” war and his identification with the President on a handful of other issues.

Lieberman actually lost by less than 4% in a contest that was fought only amongst registered Democrats. His opponent, Ned Lamont, was greatly aided by thousands of newly registered Democrat “peace” activists mobilized by a number of Leftist organizations from outside of the official Democrat Party and hugely funded by the ubiquitous George Soros (Footnote 1). Ned Lamont is himself a very wealthy man and was able to spend many millions of dollars of his own money on the campaign. His family wealth is considerable and once again we see that Leftists may thrive on the votes of poor people but are rarely poor and underprivileged themselves. His family also has a history of extreme Leftist sympathies and one of his relatives was a notorious apologist for Joseph Stalin. Lamont, who will now be the official Democrat candidate in November for one of Connecticut’s two senatorial seats seems to have had very few planks to his political platform other than that the US should cut and run from Iraq and Afghanistan, thus pulling the plug on “Bush’s” war. This is, of course more than enough to get the powerful support of George Soros through his many front organizations and the Leftist activists he directs.

The Media, surprise, surprise, did not mention Soros much in its reporting of Lieberman’s defeat, as this convicted fraudster is allowed to remain virtually anonymous, pulling strings from the shadows. The real story here is that the Democrat Party is rapidly being taken over by powerful organizations from outside its official structure. Democrat Congressmen who are willing to take moderate stances on issues ranging from security and defense to abortion and same sex marriage are about to be purged from office and cleansed from the Party. The mainstream media will not be reporting this news because George Soros happens to be a fanatical supporter of the Media Class agenda and is very rich and powerful.

Unfortunately for Lieberman, the news of the UK-based terrorist plot aimed at murdering thousands of US citizens did not break soon enough to save him. It is likely that Lamont’s appeasement policies would have looked pretty silly if not downright suicidal, in the light of the news from London, no matter how the media would have tried to spin it. Still, Lieberman has said he will run as an independent in November and if he does Lamont may well be roundly defeated by the wider electorate. We shall see! Lieberman should expect to be on the receiving end of a great deal of hostility, including physical intimidation and he may be “persuaded” to give up his fight (Footnote 2).

The terrorist news from London came at a bad time for Leftists and the Media Class even though it came late enough to save Lamont’s campaign. Anyone listening to, or reading, the BBC’s services will have been entertained or infuriated by its contortions as it tried to avoid mentioning the religion and ethnicity of the accused terrorists. We were told that “people” had been arrested, as though we might otherwise have thought those arrested were animals or aliens. No news can be permitted that alerts the British public to the dangers of Third World immigration.

The oddest item was a lone picture of a male person on one BBC website report. It was not clear from the narrative if he was a suspected terrorist or had slipped into the site from an old Bertie Wooster episode. Usually the BBC refrains from pictures unless the suspect of a crime is white and British. This man, however was only slightly swarthy, was dressed in European clothes and had an English double-barreled name. I guess we were meant to conclude that the plotters might be as British as anyone else.

Muslim terrorists are proving to be a liability for Western Leftists and their media allies. Just as America’s Joe Public gets a little complacent about terrorism and is willing to be seduced by anti-war propaganda, the terrorists spoil it all. Conservatives and other thoughtful people should not be surprised by the inconsiderate timing of the Islamic terrorist’s attacks, since they understand that Bin Laden and his many new imitators are serious about their intent to annihilate us all and do not differentiate between conservative realists and Leftist fools. The terrorists’ aim is to destroy Western society and all in it. Ned Lamont, Bianca Jagger, Cindy Sheehan, the Dixie Chicks and all the rest will not be spared for their willingness to march for “peace” and appeasement. Neither will abandoning Israel make any difference to the war now being waged against the West by so many Muslims.

Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, no matter how muddled the strategy of its Prime Minister, has had the effect of giving the Islamic imperialists another front to have to fight on. It has also caused more friction within the Arab world. Of course, the Media Class and its Leftist allies yearn for, and work for Israel to lose this latest fight, as an Israeli defeat will also be seen as defeat for the hated Bush and his sidekick, Tony Blair.

Mr. Radical and Mr. Right are not surprised by the dishonesty of media reporting of the events in Lebanon or anywhere else. The revelations that Reuters’ reporters have been caught out doctoring photos and staging atrocity scenes will shock only those who think that media outlets are a diverse and unconnected business world. Only by recognizing that the Media Class now operates as a class can sense be made of the relentless corruption of the news we get and a comprehensive picture drawn. Reuters’ reporters place props in pictures or otherwise doctor them (Footnote 3), and like Associated Press reporters manipulate the news from abroad and from home. This misinformation is then carried by the New York Times, US News, the Washington Post, The LA Times and every small local paper and in all Internet news columns. Almost all additionally slant and distort the news and omit the news that they don’t want the public to get. The BBC initiates its own dirty work, but all mainstream media sources and many fringe ones have an identical agenda.

How can it be that all pervert the news in the same way in order to pursue the same political and social goals? One explanation for their march in lockstep is that all news organizations have been infiltrated (via Journalist Schools) and captured by Marxists. We think that is only a partial explanation.

Perhaps there is a small clique of powerful insiders in the media world who meet every day and thrash out an agenda that is then communicated down the chain. We think this is just as improbable although there are undoubtedly meetings of the media’s most powerful in the Hamptons, Hollywood and elsewhere. In fact, we reject all explanations that suggest a small conspiratorial group at work.

The only rational explanation for the daily misuse of news and entertainment in order to spread a consistently radical social and political agenda, is that the Media people have consolidated into a (ruling) class and are simply acting everywhere out of a self serving class interest. Thus there is no conspiracy by a few but an unconscious drive to reshape society by all those factions that together make up the Media Class. Traditional Christianity is a powerful obstacle to their efforts to destroy the old morality, as is nationalism. Bush is hated by the Media Class for his expression of support for the Christian traditional family. In the UK, the BNP is hated for also being an obstacle to the Media Class agenda.

Ruling classes throughout history have never been consistently smart or farsighted. The aristocracy and the Czar in Russia, like their equivalents who ran the Austro Hungarian Empire, were mostly blind to consequences. For a long time their power enabled them to survive one bad decision after another. Hitler’s Nazi bureaucracy also threw away great power and success by recklessness and dogma, as did the Soviet Communist Party over a longer period. The British industrial class entered into costly military and imperial adventures that cost them dearly. All ruling classes become arrogant with power and many are led to destruction torn by the internal divisions of their constituent parts. The Media Class that now rules is driven by desperation to introduce rapid and radical social changes into Western nations and to create one world that is comfortable for its members’ hedonistic appetites and activities. It is willing to blindly destabilize the Western nations with mass immigration, sexually permissive laws and much else that can only be imposed on the masses by relentless propaganda, disinformation, the suppression of free speech and ultimately the imposition of a worldwide totalitarian government.

The Media Class is powerful but not always smart, and given the unquenchable hedonistic appetites of some of its most influential components, it wants what it wants in this life. Its people believe in nothing beyond this life and its pleasures, so they are uncaring about the long-term future. For this reason alone they are blinded to the dangers of a fanatical and imperialist Islam, so eager are they to destroy Bush and the people who would defend the US. They are also willing to swamp the already over- crowded UK and much of Europe with an alien and hostile fifth column if this means defeating nationalism and creating a vulnerable and dependent population devoid of traditional moral standards.


1 Prior to the US election of 2004, Soros pumped well in excess of $25 million into America Coming Together and MoveOn.org. He has since poured millions of his billions of dollars into a Leftist Radio Station aimed at combating conservative Talk Radio. He is also putting untold sums into European political activists to create anti-US sentiment. This dangerous man’s money is at work everywhere, both above and below the radar screen, all promoting Leftist causes.

2 In the Wall Street Journal of 8.8.06 Lanny Davis (former special counsel to President Clinton) wrote an op-ed piece describing the hateful campaign being conducted by Leftists against Lieberman and his supporters in Connecticut. Davis said his friend, a liberal Democrat who had spoken for Lieberman, was now afraid to return to the State for fear for his physical safety.

3 See http://www.aish.com/movies/PhotoFraud.asp. See also Toronto Sun.com of 12th August 2006.

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