9/11 Massacre Remembered

It is impossible to let this date pass without mention on this website, though it was an event that has little to do with our purpose of exposing the Media Class. On this day, 8 years ago, more people died inside the US from an act of war than in any other day in US history and that includes the brutal Civil War. My own memory of watching on TV the twin towers collapse as desperate people leaped to their death is still vivid and sickening. On that morning, I phoned my wife who was working in Downtown San Jose to tell her the dreadful news and to advise her to get out of her office building quickly, for who knew where the next enemy airstrike would be. It seemed probable that at least one big city on the West Coast would also be a target.

Millions of Muslims around the world danced with joy when they heard the news and saw the pictures, though I know Muslims here in the US who did not. If they were secretly somewhat pleased, I do not know, but I doubt it, for they are good and kind people. Nevertheless, the same people were relentlessly hostile to President Bush after he ordered the retaliatory invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and dubbed Iran’s Government as evil. It seems to me that Muslims (even the most secular) are almost always ambivalent about Muslim attacks on the US, even when they enjoy living here. Still, we should not forget that many of our own Leftists are quite ecstatic when America gets a black eye anywhere and some, including a recent Obama nominee, insist that 9/11 was an inside job by the Republicans. Such an opinion is surely not inspired by facts but by raw hatred of country. We should also not forget that America’s Jews overwhelmingly vote for and finance, any cause that weakens the US, and hate conservatives and Christians who defend Israel.

Norman Podhoretz in the Thursday edition of the Wall Street Journal (article entitled “Why Are Jews Liberal?”) comments that for secular Jews (which is most of them) Liberalism has replaced Judaism as a religion. American Jews march in lockstep with Leftist causes that oppose Judaism, including abortion, homosexuality and suicide. Secular Jews are a pivotal force in the Media Class and amongst the very wealthy who promote all the causes that will weaken the US and sap the will of its people. The evil George Soros is only one of many who devote their energies and billions of dollars to silencing the voices of Christians, conservatives and Nationalists and creating a new (im)moral order. However, I think Podhoretz has missed two key factors. One is the hatred that so many secular Jews have for Christianity and the Nationalism and social conservatism that are associated with American Christianity. The other is that for reasons I cannot explain, the Jewish family is somehow dysfunctional and produces many neurotic people, who although talented, have sexual and other personality problems. Hollywood, the Arts and the Media in general attract them and they seek to remake society into a Bohemia. The secular Jewish influence in the Media Class is extremely powerful and Christianity is being driven from the public square and will soon be forced underground if the Left maintains its political ascendancy.

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, I feared for my wife’s life on September 11th and for many weeks thereafter. At that time, all sane people assumed that the Muslim Imperialists would soon strike again. There was no likelihood that 9/11 was a one-off gesture and the entire Muslim world, or at least its masses and intellectuals, seemed willing to nurture and harbor terrorists. Iraq, under the brutal rule of Saddam, Afghanistan under the equally brutal rule of the Taliban, Iran under the mullahs, Syria and Libya, all openly provided safe havens for anti-American Muslim activists. George W Bush, in so many ways a stumbling and uninspiring leader, rose to this occasion and planted American troops into the heart of the Muslim world, toppling Saddam and pushing the Taliban to the fringes. Despite the treachery of the Media Class and its Leftist allies, both in the US and around the world, Bush was steadfast, and US and allied troops courageous, and the war was taken to the enemy. For a time, Middle East tyrants in neighboring countries ran scared and a united US (and a more articulate and dynamic leader) could have won a crushing victory – but that is another story! What is beyond dispute amongst rational and intellectually honest people is that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have kept America safe until now. The bumbling but patriotic Bush has been replaced by the man who best represents the interests and hatreds of the now-dominant Media Class and who knows what motives lurk inside the head of their mystery man in the White House. He and his comrades in Congress and the Media are now moving to criminalize those in the Bush Administration who took decisions aimed at keeping America safe. Americans at the present time are forced to be pre-occupied with Obama’s revolutionary agenda and the (very real) threat it poses and so we lose sight of US security in order to deal with the nationalization of health care, cap and trade intimidation of industry and the same-sex marriage that will lead to sodomy for all in our schools. Only when conservatives, Christians and Nationalists unite in recognizing that a new ruling Class is imposing a revolution on America, can the good American people be organized into an effective resistance. And only then can US security from terrorism be re-installed as a priority.

In the UK, the BNP (the only political party that remotely represents the interests of the native people) is on the verge of being silenced by Government and judicial actions aimed at bankrupting it. The UK’s Media Class, indeed the whole Western World’s Media Classes, will be happy to see the demise of this small but potent Nationalist Party. In the UK the Christian Churches have long abandoned Christianity in order to win Media approval and the Conservative Party is now dominated by those who are willing to advance the Media Class social and moral agenda. There is nothing conservative or patriotic about the Cameron-led Tory Party for its leaders will do anything to get Media and rich men’s support in order to enjoy the fruits of office. There is still hope for Americans but precious little for native Brits who have become addicted to TV soccer and Soaps. The British Government is now flourishing a ‘Think tank’ report that recommends that in the interests of saving the planet from global warming, huge tax increases should be levied on air travel. The report is boldly proclaiming that the intention is to curb air travel. What is intended is the curbing of air travel by the masses. No more winter trips to the Costa Blanca and Florida for the White working classes! Increased fare prices through taxation will not hinder the travelling Pop stars, the politicians, the TV celebrities and the busy-bodies who need to attend global warming conferences in Brazil. Since their reasons for traveling abroad are admirable and selfless they will be able to continue jetting here there and everywhere and will no longer have to put up with crowded airports and sweaty proles. The increased costs will not have any effect on them for such people are both wealthy and can in any case claim their travel as expenses offset against income taxes. Just like the National Health Service, the rationing never applies to the politically influential, the rich and famous.

The Republican Congressman who called Obama a liar during the President’s pitch to Congress on his Health Bill, was speaking the truth. He is an immigration lawyer and knows full well that illegal immigrants will not be denied full health care under the Bill. Predictably, the Media is ‘outraged’ at his lack of decorum and going all out to crucify him. Sadly, under pressure from his own Party bigwigs he has made the mistake of apologizing to the White House. Apologies, even when groveling, never prevent the Media Class from tasting conservative blood in the water and circling for the carcass. By apologizing, those on the Right merely demoralize their potential supporters and become isolated. They never placate their Media enemies. In contrast those on the Left who say outrageous things (or engage in terrorist acts) rarely retract and are soon rewarded by the Media Class with a TV job, a book contract or a lucrative and secure Academic post.

Finally I must mention the murder of Jim Pouillon in Michigan for it will not get much attention in the Mainstream Media (MSM) that still highlights the murder of an abortion doctor months after that event. Jim, who was elderly and very handicapped, spent much of his time lawfully picketing abortion clinics and Government offices. Jim was pro-life and has now lost his own at the hands of a passing gunman. He was frequently the target of threats and violent attacks by Leftists but was never deterred from his life-saving mission. We cannot assume at this time that a pro-abortion Leftist assassinated Jim but it is likely. When the abortion doctor was killed the MSM did not wait for evidence to reach a judgment about motive and perpetrator but this time the MSM has little interest. It is the same in the UK when a BNP member is attacked and the MSM looks the other way. White victims of any kind rarely merit a mention unless they are homosexual. What else can one expect from a ruling Class with a revolutionary agenda and which owns the Media.

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