68 Years On – 6 Years On!

On the 4th September, 1939, the Second World War officially broke out in Europe when Great Britain’s leaders decided that Hitler could not be placated by appeasement and the British people had an obligation to Poland. In due course Winston Churchill, the outsider of British politics, was to take over the leadership of the nation and the appeasers (mostly men of good intentions) were to become discredited forever.

In truth, European conflict had never ended, for before the 1914/18 war was over, the Bolsheviks (Communists) had taken control of Russia and were already eliminating political enemies and whole classes of Russia’s citizens. In 1918, Stalin was only ten years away from assuming complete power and developing what we now call totalitarianism. His version of totalitarianism, using the Marxist language of ‘class conflict’, was ultimately to be the inspiration for Hitler’s Nazis, using the language of racial Darwinism.

Between them, the communists and the Nazis were to go on to eliminate tens of millions of Europeans before the Nazis were driven out of Western Europe and Stalin’s expansion of the Soviet Empire was halted in Eastern Europe. The defeat of Nazism and subsequently of Soviet Communist Imperialism was primarily the work of the American people, who reluctantly took on the job of being the World’s policemen.

I have started with this brief and completely inadequate (because it makes no mention of the appalling suffering and cruelty that was unleashed) look back because the USA is now in the process of choosing its next leader. Leftists in the USA, and there are many of them in various guises, have never forgiven their country for its defeat of Communism and for becoming the world’s policeman. Every time the USA and its few allies seek to halt the resurrection of some kind of socialism or Leftist totalitarianism, the home grown hate-America crowd and their Leftist allies around the world are driven to near insanity.

So great is their emotion that they now view ANY anti-US movement ANYWHERE as one to be supported. Readers of this website will know that we monitor the emergence of a new ruling Class in the US and UK and that Class (the Media Class) has an agenda that is almost solely preoccupied with developing a new morality and new sexual mores. This ruling Class, by its very nature (for it is not child-centered and has no long term sense of mission) is willing to embrace the Leftists and make common cause with them in order to exert power.

The world is never a safe place and in my view evil and discontented people will always emerge somewhere and be looking for a cause or ideology to carry them to fame and total power. Such people are best described as psychopaths. They spawn movements that attract their kind and the misfits and discontents and all those that make up the ‘mob’ that Hannah Arendt described so well. The Islamic Imperialism that now threatens sane people all around the world, and especially threatens those who constitute the world’s policemen, has drawn us into another world war. Just as Hitler advanced his power step by step, always waiting to see if the policemen of Europe would stand firm (and they didn’t for the appeasers, pacifists and Leftists of the day had their way), so these Islamists have been probing the US policeman for some 15 years or more. Six years ago Tuesday, they probed a little too boldly when they attacked the US main land with hi-jacked airliners.

Fortunately, the US had just – and barely – elected a President and a Party that was not prepared to appease any longer. On this website we are not uncritical supporters of either the Republican Party or George Bush, but we have never wavered in our belief that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were steps in the right direction. The carping over details of WMD’s and what Saddam would or would not have done to aid the Islamic terrorists, have never been more than the ploys of those who opposed the war on terrorism but lacked the guts to say “We want to see the US and its allies defeated so that we can build a new society”.

After 9/11 the ordinary people of the US were united in the war on our enemies. Politicians of the Left in Congress who depend on votes were afraid to reveal their true feelings and so they voted to support the war, our troops and our President. Soon however, their extreme comrades on the streets and in Academia began the process of actively opposing the war and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Thanks to a Media Class that had its own reasons for detesting this President and his Christian supporters, the Media has increasingly orchestrated the war opposition and relentlessly demoralized the American people with negative and mostly dishonest war reporting.

Many good people in the US are now defeatist, thanks to the Media Class. Appeasement and isolationism seem attractive options. They should ponder the events that led up to 1939 and the price that so many innocent people paid for appeasement and the belief that they could remain isolated from the evil that stalked Europe and the Far East.

Here in the US the opportunity to choose appeasement and isolationism (both of them illusory) is presenting itself. All of the Democrat candidates are appeasers and must remain so if they are to retain the support of the Democrat base, its Leftist activists and its financiers like George Soros. These are the people who wish America harm. The Media Class, even those segments that are not Leftist want the war to be a failure so that Bush will be humiliated and the conservatives demoralized. Thus there are powerful forces in the US who yearn for a military defeat in Iraq and failing that, a premature pull-out.

Which of the Republican candidates can be trusted to effectively lead a nation at war with an implacable enemy and have the charisma and ruthlessness to win against Mrs. Clinton in 2008? None, including the ‘late’ Fred Thompson appear to have much of a claim. Most have pandered to the Media Class over issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, taxation and immigration. Those that haven’t have been confined to the shadows by the Media and so lack public recognition.

As things stand, I have to choose John McCain. His track record on taxation and much else makes clear that he is no conservative, but on the War he has been principled and has been willing to forfeit the support of the Media Class. He is experienced in campaigning and has stamina and he is a war hero. His chances look slim at the moment, but it is a long time to the election and it would take only one terrorist outrage on the US mainland for the war against terrorism to tear away the American voters from their 6 packs, their game shows and their football and concentrate their minds on the real world. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

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