34 Highly Dangerous Days Remain For Coup Attempt

Many, many months ago on this website we warned that this election would be like no other in America’s history because a new Ruling Class and its Far Left Ally would not submit peacefully to a removal from power and with their Revolution not fully completed.

We knew this warning would sound too dramatic to most visitors, for even now Broad Right Americans do not recognize the existence of the Media Class, do not understand that its Mainstream Media (MSM) has through its news and entertainment taken control of Government, enjoys a mutually productive alliance with the Far Left, and has been stealthily pushing through a full-blown Revolution from the White House for the past 8 years.

This morning Rush Limbaugh (who mistakenly always refers to the MSM as a tool of the Democrat Party; but he is wrong, for the Democrat Party is a tool of the new Ruling Media Class and its MSM) explained that Trump’s recent positive words about Obama were driven by the knowledge that in the present circumstances he must avoid provoking him. Limbaugh then said that since the Obama regime was still in power until January 19th, these were dangerous times.

Limbaugh was correct to say that these truly are dangerous times. His implication was that Obama may use his Government power to set aside the election result. He added that the Left is dangerously “unhinged”. His words could only mean that he believes there is a risk of Far Left violent rejection of the election result.

We do not disagree with Limbaugh about the danger of an Obama-led coup and an explosion of Far Left violence, except to point out that the Far Left is not “unhinged” and is very unlikely to riot widely except in concert with Obama and the Ruling Class that placed him in power.

What we are witnessing is unprecedented. It is far, far more than a political Party (in this case the Democrat Party) being sore losers. The desperate attempts to block the entry of Donald Trump into the White House, which have now shifted to monstrous allegations about Russian interference; the employment of purged Government agencies to peddle lies; and the bribes and death threats to Republican members of the College of Electors; are evidence of something much more profound at stake than the mere rivalries for office of the Democrat/Republican party system.

There are two great conflicts that have emerged in this election and they remain largely unrecognized as people continue to view events within the prism of the old rules. The conflicts are closely related simply because the new and Revolutionary Ruling Class/Far Left Alliance fighting to retain power is also Internationalist, whilst the Counter-Revolutionary conservative challenger, the Trump Movement, is Nationalist.

On one side – and still holding power – we have a Ruling Media Class that has been stealthily transforming America’s morality to reflect its own sick appetites; partnered with a Far Left that shares its antipathy to Christian morality, but also seeks worldwide economic redistribution and the totalitarianism required to impose leveling down. Both partners are Internationalist and are supported by Globalist companies.

On the other side are those on the Broad Right who seek to undo a Revolution they do not fully comprehend, but instinctively detest. Made up of Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, and led by the unlikely person of Donald Trump (cometh the hour; cometh the man!), they have won an election but are not yet in power.

Next Monday, the College of Electors will vote all across the Nation. In normal times this event would be a mere formality, but as explained above, these are Revolutionary times, and so the Presidency (and the completion of the Revolution) hinges on the result. For the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left ally, this is the last opportunity to retain the Presidency without the employment of unconstitutional government force.

Limbaugh and Trump fear that Obama, believing that the College vote will confirm Trump’s victory, may make a move beforehand. We think it likely that the Republican electors will hold firm, but doubt Obama has the nerve to act yet. He and those he represents are desperate but not “unhinged”. However, if Trump appears to have won next Monday, there is a great danger that the MSM will prepare the public for a coup, using the charge that Trump is an agent of Putin.

The Electoral College votes are not centrally collected and officially counted until 6th January 2017*, so it is possible that a close vote’s result will may remain unconfirmed until then.

As we have written previously, there are many on the Far Left who are eager for violence, and an opportunity – as they see it – to once and for all eliminate a ‘reactionary’ opposition. Obama may trigger them and then use the turmoil to impose martial law. This could happen even on the day of inauguration. Already there are moves to organize a giant Washington rally to disrupt Trump’s inauguration.

*The electors meet on December 19th; however, the result is not officially until January 6th. The following is a chart from 270towin.com showing when the electoral college will meet in the States.

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  1. The trigger-pullers are with Trump. Three highly-regarded generals and the sister of Erik(Blackwater)Prince are in the
    Cabinet for a reason.

    Check this video of America’s future junior officers greeting Trump at the Army-Navy game:


    Any attempted coup would turn out much differently than the GloboHomo Elitists think it will.

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