2017: The Year Of The Senate Peacock

We wish all members of the Broad Right a happy and victorious new year. This includes our brothers in the UK and Europe who are on the verge of big things, especially in France, Holland, Poland and Hungary.

Here in the USA we especially wish President-elect Donald J. Trump a year of personal safety, excellent health, great energy, a steady eye, much cunning, a vengeful memory and a hearty taste for peacock. We suggest The Donald puts aside the traditional turkey when feasting, and partakes of the meat of Kings.

Peacocks are a sight to behold, especially when displaying their covert feathers as part of their courtship rituals. At such times they also have a piercing cry, though some might consider it more of an ugly squawk.

Two Republican Senators have been seen fanning their tails and displaying their covert feathers for the benefit of the Mainstream Media, Barack Obama and the Senate Democrat leadership. Within a few weeks we shall hear their piercing cries of courtship.

President Trump is going to have to start eating peacock if he is to get his Cabinet nominees through the Senate. McCain and Graham are two old and experienced peacocks who see 2017 as The Year Of The Peacock, for the slim Republican majority in the Senate, a Republican President who the MSM is determined to destroy, and a Democrat minority committed to perpetual warfare, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Media celebrity and Republican treachery.

The MSM will reward these two old treacherous peacocks with daily prime time coverage to strut in front of the cameras, squawk into the microphones, fan their tails and display their covert feathers. We are about to see courtship at its finest between this duo and the MSM. That is unless The Donald has a plan to catch them, pluck their feathers and cook them.

Picture of a peacock from animal-dream.com. The views of this website are not necessarily endorsed by Radical and Right.

Climate Change Check

Here in middle California we are enduring a cold spell of weather that began in early November. It has been cold every day with the exception of a few milder rainy days. Deep frosts at night have been the norm. This is the coldest winter in at least the last twenty years. Meanwhile we checked on the sea level at high tide in Starcross, Devon and can verify that there is not the slightest evidence of rising sea levels.

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