2012 and Back to the Future

2012 was a bad year for all hardworking American people and 2013 will surely be worse with Obama in the White House and Harry Reid controlling the Senate.   The reality is that the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies will continue to push through their revolutionary agendas, and do so with their more extreme objectives emerging into the light of day. 

    For the Left this will mean breaking down the American people into ever more sub groups, each with its own narrow and divisive agenda, hostile to the unity of the USA and wedded to big Government for well-being. The sub groups that will not be allowed to survive will include the White, conservative, working people of the hinterland, those Christians who will not abandon core Christian beliefs in traditional marriage and the sanctity of innocent lives, and those who cling to borders and guns. We can expect States’ Rights to be set aside by Government edict so that States like Texas will be milked to subsidize the ‘progressive’ States that are in the vanguard of the Revolution. 

    We can expect to see an even greater influx of Third World immigrants (legal and illegal) for ‘Whiteness’ must be consigned to the dustbin of history and newcomers care nothing for America’s past. These immigrants, whether legal or illegal will be granted privileges. Public Service Unions, despite their losses at the ballot-box in Wisconsin and elsewhere, will benefit from Government quangos and an increasingly Leftist judiciary and regain lost ground and grow rapidly in dominion. The marriage of Government and certain Big Businesses will continue as America continues its journey through recognizable Fascist territory and on to the totalitarianism that needs no label, for it cannot be questioned. Leftists march us ideologically yet blindly, to a brave new world of total control over the individual. This march is driven not only by human busy-bodies with personality disorders (and the breakup of the family and the decline of its nurturing role is turning out ever greater numbers of disordered personalities) but by relentless indoctrination, urbanization and over-population, creating ant-like conditions. 

    To satisfy the ruling Media Class that keeps him and his Democrat comrades in office, Obama will speed up the destruction of Judeo/Christian morality. Christians can expect to be excluded, not just from the public square, but from human consciousness. History books used in school will be rewritten and the word ‘God’ – so obnoxious to both Libertines and Leftists – erased from every nook and cranny of public life. Same-sex marriage – never more than a Trojan Horse for homosexual advancement – will be imposed on all States and individuals by well-funded election campaigns in some places and judicial fiat in all hold-outs. The triumph of same-sex marriage legitimacy will pave the way for the silencing of all who deny the normalcy of perversion. No child will be allowed to escape indoctrination via private schooling or Home Schooling and more and more children will be placed in the ‘care’ of homosexuals. Hollywood and the Entertainment Media will produce more and more entertainment for the masses that falsely purify and elevate homosexual and other deviant relationships. 

    We can forecast that the Republican Party will continue to walk in fear of the MSM yet never confront the Media Class governing role. Instead many Republicans will abandon their lingering conservatism issue by issue. How recalcitrant conservatives will resist is anyone’s guess for they appear to be in disarray. This is our look into the immediate future. We see an America completely transformed over the next four years, just as the UK has already been transformed beyond restoration. 

    On New Year’s Eve, my curious 8 year old son wanted to ‘see in’ the New Year. My wife and I long ago abandoned this non-event but to satisfy his curiosity and ensure that he is not too different from his peers we agreed to watch with him the events in New York’s Times Square on TV. Since New York is 3 hours ahead, this meant we could all be in bed by 9.30pm. This was the first time we have watched TV since a brief viewing of Fox News on election night. 

    By not watching TV, I manage to contain my pessimism about Human Nature and the direction in which the Western World’s people are being herded. For passive entertainment, my family and I watch DVD’s of 1950’s and early 1960’s comedy (Mr. Ed, Car 54 and Bilko – the latter two produced by the comic genius of the twentieth century, Nat Hiken) and listen to CD’s from the same period. Regular website visitors will know why we do not stray for entertainment into the 1970’s and subsequent years. 

    After having endured one hour of the dreadful pre-midnight Times Square event on Fox News I will make only these few comments, for if our website visitors do not recognize cultural crap then there is no hope for them. 

    A band of ancient Rockers was on stage entertaining some one million (mostly young) morons who – we were told by a pair of Media celebs – had come to NY Times Square from around the States and from around the world. They had come apparently to be with everyone else for this was where it really was all happening. There was no doubt, as frequent camera shots and mini-interviews confirmed, that the young people were hugely excited simply to be present and to be in the presence of the band. I deliberately avoid the words ‘listening to’ for no-one was listening to the music in a way that I would define ‘listening to’. ‘Being in the presence of the band’ might be the most appropriate description of the reason for their hysteria. 

    It was noticeable that the portion of the million that the roving camera captured was almost all White. There may have been some ‘near-White’ people but no Blacks and few Orientals. This forces me to ask the question ‘Are Blacks and Orientals too cultured to attend this event and to have to endure this type of ‘music’? Is it White young people who have sunk musically and mindlessly to the bottom of the cultural pile? 

    The band was also White and although I did not catch the name, I gathered that it was a band with a long history of successful World Tours, Smash Hits and Anthems. It was clearly the kind of band to which Jim Fusilli of the WSJ devotes many learned articles capturing their most profound thoughts about their own compositions and recordings and sometimes their pearls of wisdom about the World in general. Fusilli always finds great meaning in the lyrics of these giants of Rock but unfortunately I failed to understand a single word that this band shouted and screamed at the assembled million morons. I am sure I missed out. 

    The band had a female demented screamer and one of the guitarists was also a shouter and screamer into his microphone when not simulating on his guitar the physical movements of a desperate and demented masturbator. Why is it that these bands are reduced to hugely amplified guitars and a flailing drummer? Where are the instruments that can enrich a melody and why do the guitarists simulate desperate masturbation? Perhaps a website visitor can enlighten me. 

    At midnight, and the end of 2012 in Times Square, the millions of morons screamed at each other and then passionately and kissed, on the mouth, the nearest person of the opposite sex. I was shocked that we saw not one same-sex couple sucking gums. Is 2013 not the year of inclusion of same-gender relationships and the end of oppressive heterosexual behavior? 

    The ageing Rockers were reluctant to end their ‘anthem’ and so we had several minutes of the lead masturbator sliding his left hand up and down the neck of his guitar whilst simultaneously imitating frantic masturbation with his right hand on the strings and bending almost double as if awaiting some entry into his rear end. The drummer managed to flail both arms even more manically as if he and the guitarist were arriving at simultaneous orgasms. 

    After midnight Frank Sinatra could be heard singing New York, New York. He was followed by Ray Charles. It seemed like a sudden return to sanity from Bedlam. I asked my son this question. If this (Sinatra) is music, what is the name for that which preceded it? The noise that the Rock band had been emitting and the Sinatra recording cannot both be called music. One is and one isn’t. 

    One last comment/question on the Times Square event. Clearly being at a famous event is an end in itself for many of today’s young White people for I could neither see nor hear any other pleasure on display. Many in the throng were desperate to be seen on TV by the folks back home and I suppose the rest could not wait to return home to tell their friends that they were ‘there’. For the rest of us viewers (though not me), seeing it live on TV was almost like being there and we could at least the next day (at work or college) be part of the gang recounting the experience. Is this mindless quest for a moment’s celebrity a motive for the mass slaying (in gun-controlled places) of innocents? 

    The Republicans in Congress are getting a lot of stick from conservative purists on some websites. The agreement to raise taxes whilst not cutting Government expenditure is a surrender, but given that Obama (by fair means and foul) won the election, we should not be surprised that many elected Republicans lack fight. None of the critics that I have read have any answer to the power and control of the MSM and how this gives Obama and his comrades a winning hand. In the meantime the stock market is celebrating despite the obvious conclusion any sane person must reach, which is that contemporary America can only continue to float on printed money and foreign debt. 

    The Fiscal Cliff agreement included a tax pass for impoverished Hollywood which will continue to reap tax benefits of several hundred million dollars. Visitors to this website will have a unique understanding of this scandal and why it generates no Media outrage and publicity. 

    Weather – Here in California the rains have ended and under clear skies we are experiencing very cold temperatures, especially at night. Some recent nights we have been diving down to the lowest thirties (F). Yesterday I saw a map of the Northern Hemisphere of the world which showed that the extreme cold weather has wrapped itself across all the continents. Meanwhile, Al Gore, the leading expert on Man Made Global Warming, has sold his Station and netted himself $100m in profit. He rushed the sale through in order to avoid the new Obama taxes. 

    Music Choice – Frank Sinatra singing “New York, New York”, a reminder of a bygone age of popular culture and a time when people reached adulthood.

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