2009 – A Good Year or a Bad Year?

When a calendar year comes to an end and another is about to begin, most of us fall prey to the artificial process of treating it is as the end of something and the beginning of something else. Taxes and daylight do indeed fall fairly neatly into ends and new beginnings, at least for Americans, but the only other significant events that began in January 2009 were the Obama’s moving into the White House and the Democrats taking complete control over Congress. In the Senate, following selective recount after selective recount in Minnesota, the Democrats won what amounted to a filibuster-proof majority. Since Obama and his comrades owed their victory to the talents and power of the Media Class, we must view 2009 as the year that the Media Class finally achieved control of the Nation’s political and moral agenda.

The Media Class has been exercising increasing power year by year, as demonstrated by the unrelenting assault on traditional morality (often called the Culture War) which began in the late 1960’s, but having their agents take command of both the White House and Congress was surely a turning point in US history and the beginning of a revolution that will probably be irreversible. Those conservatives, Nationalists and Christians who sat out the electoral process in November 2008 out of pique with George Bush or John McCain or the spendthrift Republicans, and who thought a defeat would teach the Republicans a lesson and cleanse the system, failed to see that the election was about more than the taking-in-turns of two teams of politicians with the same basic assumptions. The Democrat Party and its leader in the White House were awarded power by a Class intent on fundamentally changing the US (and the World). Obama fronts a revolution.

The Media Class and its Leftist troops in Congress, on the streets, in many Big Corporations, in Trust funds, in the Unions, in the legal profession and Academia, have an agenda that is not about tinkering with things or reforming this or that, for they intend to fundamentally remake America and sever it from its Christian roots. Within the above coalition there are those who seek a Communist society to be achieved by leveling down, and there are those who seek a Fascist society of Corporate Socialism in which Business leaders, Union leaders, Academics, bureaucrats and politicians preside in style over the people. All of these are united by a fear and hatred of economic and political freedom, by contempt for the untidiness of the market place, by outrage for the arbitrary (in their view) outcome of economic winners and losers, by the uncontrollability of free speech and by the lack of opportunity for busybodies. They crave a Society that is policed by an elite and its hangers-on. Some do not think of themselves as Communists or Fascists but their desire for ‘Government control over the people’ defines what they are.

The Media Class, which already enjoys great power and wealth, does not however seek political control over society in order to level down or tidy up or even to amass more wealth. These are the rewards it offers to the allies it requires in order to gain votes. The Media Class seeks a moral revolution that is unpopular at present and may remain unpopular for all time unless the past is rewritten, old moral standards swept away and future generations corrupted from birth. The rewriting of the past and more than 2000 years of accumulated wisdom about human nature, requires the destruction of the counter-revolutionary forces of Christianity, conservatism and Nationalism, for all these resist the destruction of the traditional family, the destruction of the bonds between parents and their children and the handing over to the State of children at birth.

Every move by the Obama-led regime is aimed at either rewarding the allies listed above with moves that pave the way to Communism/Fascism or with placing Government in control of each and every individual. The takeover of whole industries with taxpayer’s money, the subsidizing of others, the control over bankers and the nationalizing of health care are merely starters. To come are steps that will force all workers into Unions, redistribute the wealth of higher-income workers (to increase the pool of welfare-dependent citizens), redistribute American wealth across the globe under UN (nascent World Government) auspices, the manipulation of global-warming fears to control all individual economic behavior and the redrawing of the US electoral map with Third World immigrants. Most significant, in terms of the Media Class agenda, are the ‘Czars’ that Obama is appointing, for these powerful bureaucrats are not subject to Congressional oversight and exist in the shadows. They are characterized by their revolutionary backgrounds in moral matters such as euthanasia, birth control, education and homosexuality. Kevin Jennings, the Czar for ‘safe-schools’ is the poster child, and he illustrates the revolutionary world that Obama has always moved in. This man has been put in charge of ‘making the Nation’s schools safe’. Under the outrageous pretext of ending the alleged bullying of hordes of homosexual school children, Jennings is about to turn the public schools into places where all children will be introduced to the delights of sodomy and the sado-masochistic practices that same-sex relationships require. Teachers who object will be replaced with the willing, just as medical staff are replaced if they refuse to carry out abortions, registrars are replaced if they refuse to carry out same-sex marriages and dating agencies are put out of business if they omit to include homosexuals seeking partners. Obama will not dismiss Jennings, even though Jennings’ links to ‘man-boy love’ activists are well documented, for Obama is intent on serving his masters in the Media Class. Jennings’ task is at the heart of the Media Class agenda, for it is about ‘rescuing’ children from their bigoted parents. It will start with children in public schools and end with the closing of all private schools that resist the new agenda of ‘inclusiveness’ and the criminalization of home-schooling, for no children will be allowed to escape the net. The Media Class intention is that this and a host of other oppressive Government measures will create a new society, freed from the old morality. In this new and revolutionary society, made in the image of the Media Class, Media people and those who share their tastes will be free to indulge their appetites without restraint and without judgment.

2009 has been a bad year for the US but worse is to come in 2010 unless conservatives, Christians and Nationalists set aside their differences and recognize that they are waging a counter-revolution against a ruling Class that controls most of the news and all of the mass entertainment. There are those who, using the Internet, have successfully fought a rearguard action. The American Family Association, together with some brave Roman Catholic Bishops and Mormons has defeated same-sex legislators through the ballot box in State after State. These allies have fought against enormous odds, for the revolutionaries enjoy massive financial resources, Government support and, most significantly, the full resources of the Media Class. In all cases the defenders of morality have won by slim margins and time is not on their side. The Tea Party campaigners have also used the Internet to rally supporters on the streets but they have discovered that the Media Class is united in hiding their protests from the wider public. Some conservative Talk Radio hosts have also poked their heads above the parapet but few will do so on moral issues for they exist on sufferance from their Media Class masters.

We on this website do not share the confidence of those who think that the revolutionaries in Congress will be punished in the 2010 elections, for the Media Class enjoys enormous power and can destroy their enemies with lies and propaganda when the time is ripe. Today’s opinion polls are no guide to November next year. The ability of the Media Class to bury the news of ‘Climate Gate’ and to sustain the myth of global warming in the midst of record cold weather, even in Denmark, should warn us that the confident liar in the White House and his comrades in Congress have powerful forces on their side. 2009 was a bad year and 2010 offers no respite, for Obama and his comrades are intent on driving the revolution forward. In this they will be encouraged and sustained by a united Media Class.

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