2008 – No Let-up in Terrorist Threat

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi is almost certainly the murderous work of Muslim Imperialists, inspired by the same motives as their counterparts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Holland, Paris, the Philipines, Pennsylvania and the Twin Towers of Manhattan. It is their determination to eradicate all opponents and to ensure that democracy does not gain a foothold in any shape or form. The mainstream media has been helping to encourage the idea that Pakistan’s President Musharraf may have had a hand in Bhutto’s death, for the Leftist Media Class would love to see him brought down and anti-US forces take power. It is most unlikely that Musharraf, who daily risks death from the Islamic fanatics, would have anything to gain from the assassination. There is no doubt that behind the maneuvering, Musharraf and Bhutto were attempting to introduce a more democratic government and to crush the extremists. Bhutto, in an attempt to reach the masses quickly and inspire her followers, was reckless, and she has paid the ultimate price. Musharraf has been less willing to take chances and has survived so far.

No-one can predict what will happen next in Pakistan but one outcome of Bhutto’s death is to remind the world that terrorism is not going away. Things may be improving in Iraq, where US and Allied forces have bravely and effectively put the Islamic Imperialists on the defensive, but across the world the war continues. We are reminded that the US mainland, like all places where Islamic radicals lurk, remains a dangerous place. This is bad news for the Democrat candidates in the US primaries, who are anxious to bury the war on terror as an election issue. Whether the Republicans can capitalize on this sudden turn of events remains to be seen and the MSM will do all it can to muddy the waters. Ron Paul, the Libertarian isolationist will surely not gain traction from Bhutto’s murder, but McCain can only benefit from the war on terror taking center stage in US voters’ minds. In a general election that is focused on taking the war to the terrorists, McCain would wipe the floor with Hillary Clinton, Obama and Edwards and probably bring Republican Congressional wins on his coat tails. The Media Class continues to devote its energies to a Clinton victory and I have yet to read or hear one media report that doesn’t carry a Hillary spin, even when supposedly suggesting her vulnerability. The latest CNN poll numbers stank of downright dishonesty in an attempt to paint Clinton as a comeback fighter. I will be amazed if the MSM fails to nominate her for the Democrat candidacy.

Looking ahead to next November’s campaign, Larry Flint, the pornographic Media Class activist is claiming that he has scandalous information on almost all the leading Republican candidates and that he will release it whenever it can be most damaging. Clinton and her comrades can sleep easy for their many scandals will get a Media Class pass but no Republican who claims to be conservative or Christian will be spared if there is a skeleton lurking from somewhere in the past. Republicans have been slow to realize that they have to be whiter than white and many, corrupted by wealth and power (and human weakness) have believed that they can get away with a homosexual double life, adultery or visits to call-girls. They cannot court the votes of the decent people of the US and be hypocritical for they will be destroyed by the Media Class. No such fate awaits Leftists, except for anyone who challenges the Clintons. Only Obama risks being revealed, assuming that he has a skeleton in his cupboard no matter how small.

Here in Central California, the extremely cold temperatures persist and this looks likely to be the coldest winter for many years. Do not expect to read much about it though, for ‘the war’ on global warming is high on the Media Class agenda. The members of the Media Class and their Leftist political allies do not for one moment worry about the earth or its climate, for if they did their life-styles would be radically different. The Global Warming scam is simply a way to remove individual freedom and confer all power on to Government. When World Government can control all aspects of our lives, including what we hear see and read, what we say and ultimately what we think, then we can all be indoctrinated to practice sodomy and promiscuity and pay higher taxes. Our Media Master Class will then feel normal and the busybodies of the Left will have us enslaved.

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