2008 Media Campaign In Full Swing

The Media Class has more or less succeeded in turning George Bush into a lame-duck President, despite there being 18 months left of his presidency. One might have thought that the constant negativism of Media reporting would have abated with his fall in public esteem, but it has not, for two reasons.

One is that his Christian affiliations can never be forgiven by a Media Class that is infuriated by moral judgementalism. The other is that the 2008 elections are so important to the Media Class, that Bush, conservatives and nationalists must be totally discredited. The Media Class can always be sure that once it gets a campaign into full swing, there will be weak links amongst the opposition. Back in the days of Margaret Thatcher, the BBC had no problem finding opportunists, grudge bearers and closet Leftists amongst her colleagues once the Media had her on the ropes. It is the same with George Bush now, and the latest turncoat is Peggy Noonan, a former speech-writer for Reagan. One has to assume that Miss Noonan is resentful that she is no longer a Republican Presidential insider with the Bush camp, for her recent weekend columns in the Wall Street Journal drip with venom about Bush and his presidency.

On this website we have frequently criticised Bush’s conduct of the Iraq war and other aspects of his policies, including his ‘open-doors to immigrants’ collaboration with the hero of Chappaquiddick. Bush has never been a conservative or a nationalist and we all knew that when he was elected. In the two presidential campaigns he contested, he was simply the best on offer. In contrast to Gore and Kerry he was an honorable man and was willing to declare a war on the terrorists and take it to their territory. He has been dogged on this, if not inspiring, and for this he deserves some critical support. We have always maintained that going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan was Blair’s one honorable achievement as UK Prime Minister. Unlike the BNP, we believe that good actions deserve praise, even when we dislike most everything else a politician might stand for. John McCain has been courageous on the war, (he gave an excellent, but unpublicised, speech in the Senate yesterday) but we like very little else about his policies. Noonan can find nothing to praise Bush for and so gets many Media column inches with more to come. So let us set the record straight about Bush by filling out the balance sheet.

He cut taxes! He did it whilst several Republican Congressmen became gutless as the Media ramped up the class envy campaign with the accusatory slogan ‘tax cuts for the rich!’.

Partly as a result of those tax cuts and a more friendly business environment that he encouraged, the US economy has recovered to an astonishing degree and from the developing recession that he inherited from Clinton. Yesterday, the Dow passed 14000 and unemployment is at record lows, despite the invasion of immigrants both legal and illegal. Indeed, surely the mass invasion of immigrants says much about the nation’s economy. When Clinton was re-elected, his sneering phrase “it’s the economy, stupid!” was trumpeted from every media outlet, implying that ‘what else should matter?’. Bush gets absolutely no recognition for the roaring state of the US economy, and it is impossible to read any business report in any newspaper without soon meeting the word ‘but’. Every report of new growth is quickly negated by such words as ‘but experts caution that economic bad news is just a round the corner’. You see, reporters on the business pages are just as much a part of the Media Class, as those on the political or entertainment pages, and just as Leftist. We can expect optimism to return to the business pages and everywhere else if and when Mrs. Clinton becomes President.

Bush appointed two Justices to the Supreme Court who can be expected to uphold the Constitution that all Justices swear to uphold and many then welch on. He did so despite some Republican Congressmen again showing gutlessness in the face of Media rage.

Bush has campaigned for free trade, surely the best way to aid underdeveloped countries, and the booming US economy that he has presided over is responsible for the absence of recession in much of the world.

I have left the greatest Bush success until last. No terrorist attacks on US soil for nearly 6 years. Who would have predicted this in the days after 9/11? The sole reason? He took the war to the Middle East.

Bush has disappointed many of us with his increasingly lethargic war leadership and his unwillingness to by-pass the hostile Media Class and speak directly to the American people. Like almost all Republican politicians and conservatives, Bush and Rove have failed to recognize who now composes the ruling class in the USA and elsewhere. Disappointment and defeat always come to haunt those who fail to recognize the enemy.

The Media election campaign is not just about getting Mrs. Clinton into the White House, but equally about achieving big Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress and in the State Congresses. Only then can the full Media Class agenda be imposed on the American people (legalized same-sex marriage, homosexual indoctrination of children in all schools, the outlawing of criticism of sodomy, unfettered abortion programs, priority of AIDS spending, swamping America with Third World, welfare-dependent immigrants, shutting down conservative Talk Radio, controlling the Internet and appointing Supreme Court Justices who will ‘modernize’ the Constitution.)

As part of this campaign of lies, distortion, selective reporting and propaganda, there are endless articles about the collapse of the Republican Party, especially in its heartland, the South. Monday’s WSJ (16th July) carried a very long piece by one Valerie Bauerlein entitled “Political Woes Dog Republicans Across the South”. Miss Bauerlein is a new name to me, but she has the same selective skills and political focus of all her colleagues, and this is no surprise to those of us at Radical and Right, for we understand the Media Class. One has to search her piece with a magnifying glass to find even a hint that the Dems might have a scandal or two in the South or an internal division, but she sure manages to find problems for the Republicans. It is a waste of time taking her article to pieces because the Media is capable of peddling this stuff day after day and column inch after column inch. I will note just one thing that indicates that her piece is a stock Media Class piece of bias. I quote;

“Mr. Giuliani, who already faces skepticism from Christian conservatives because he has been married three times and because of his MODERATE stance on abortion and gay rights”. The capitals are mine!

Why does she choose the word ‘moderate’ for these two issues? I think the answer tells us all about her politics and those of her editor, her colleagues at the Journal and her Media Class. This definitive word is not used accidentally and neither is it used accurately, for there is nothing moderate about being in favor of easy abortion or same-sex marriage. It is the intention of the Media Class to redefine these issues as moderate as a step towards implementing new laws that will change society to reflect the tastes and desires of our new ruling class.

As the UK continues to experience a summer of rain and Buenos Aires and Johannesburg experience rare snowfalls, we continue to enjoy relatively cool pleasant weather here in the Californian East Bay and its hinterland. We had two days last month when the temperatures shot up to 105F and 107F (no big deal here on the edge of the Central Valley) and since then – cool!

I know that anecdotal evidence isn’t everything and next week we could be turning on the AC, but anecdotal evidence is often the best evidence we have in a world of political correctness and a lying Media. During this past week Al Gore attended the wedding of one of his daughters. It was held in a swank Beverley Hills Hotel and the catering was lavish. Pictures of Al and his party failed to reveal any expressions of anxiety about the state of his Live Earth and its approaching doom. This is just another piece of anecdotal evidence, of course, but I can’t help drawing the conclusion that Al doesn’t believe his own propaganda. By their deeds shall ye know them!

Yesterday I read that Oprah is going to support Obama’s presidential campaign. She is a Media Star and very wealthy, even by Media Class standards. Her endorsement may shore up African American support for Obama in the Democrat primaries. The Clinton people usually count on the blind loyalty of Black voters. Nevertheless, despite Oprah’s intervention my money is on Clinton. Obama should not be carried away by a few Media Class defections from her camp at this stage. Unless he is willing to defer to her and take the vice president’s vacancy, he will get some very bad press by early next year. African Americans are a small constituency within the Media Class and have nothing like the clout of some other constituencies that have already anointed Mr. and Mrs. Clinton for the White House job.

Those visitors to this site who care about political freedom and free speech should visit the BNP website and read the pieces about the police persecution of BNP people in Birmingham. I suppose it could all be dismissed as BNP lies, but I believe their web reporting is truthful. It makes for chilling reading, for it indicates that the police in the UK are now completely politicized (and therefore corrupted at the highest levels). The hypocritical role of the local press in the Sedgefield by-election, also reported by the BNP, is less shocking, at least to radical and right, for we expect nothing honest from the Media Class. We are also not surprised that the BBC and the rest of the UK mainstream media are not reporting the abuses of freedom of the press in Sedgefield. What is disappointing is that websites like Biased BBC ignore it all. It is ok to be concerned about Israel but not about freedom, justice and abuse of power in the backyard!. Biased BBC has removed all references to our website, presumably because we report persecution of the BNP. Some time ago, the US Free Republic website did the same thing. One possible explanation for the two websites pretending that the BNP does not exist, or should not exist, and purging us into the bargain, is that both sites are Jewish dominated. By putting forward this hypothesis, we shall be accused of anti-Semitism, and that is enough in today’s pc world to be denied free speech even from those ostensibly on the Right and in favor of free speech. If it is Jewish hostility towards the BNP and any European nationalism, it is shortsighted and unprincipled. As the old saying goes – United we stand and divided we all fall!

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