2007 – Almost Over!

As the end of the year approaches I find myself trying to draw conclusions about 2007 and realizing that it has been a very mixed bag. Rather like the Bush Presidency, it is difficult to know if honest future historians (of which there are very few) will see it as a good year, a bad year or an indifferent year.

It looks like we will complete another year without a major terrorist attack on the US mainland. That is pretty good news and more evidence that taking the war to the Islamic Imperialists in their heartland was the right thing to do. There have also been no successful attacks on US facilities and people across the world. In Iraq, the surge has had clear and positive results and the Leftists and their Media masters have had to shelve their celebrations of imminent US military defeat. Oil production in Iraq is now higher than the days before the invasion and the threat of Iraqi civil war is receding – again to the chagrin of Leftists and their Media masters. Afghanistan, always a country where modernity and primitive tribalism have clashed, is about as close to entering the modern world as it has ever been. US troops have again performed extremely well there in the most difficult circumstances.

Pakistan, thanks to its military President, remains just about in the modern world. The Leftists and their Media masters would love to see him fall and primitive Islamic Imperialism create anarchy there, for he has been something of a Bush ally. (No greater crime can any world politician commit!!). Iran treads warily, despite the braggadocio of its crazed leadership, no doubt because US troops are just over the border and Bush is still in the White House and not quite the lame-duck President that the Media was so quick to proclaim after the 2006 elections. Syria too, remains cautious and as yet can only make trouble in Lebanon through proxies.

India and China continue to embrace market economies, thus allowing some of their people to taste the fruits of freedom and enterprise. Vietnam is not far behind. Taiwan remains free and Hong Kong has influenced China more than China has influenced Hong Kong. North Korean belligerency seems to have spent itself without effect and Japan is on the verge of rebuilding its defense forces and may yet play a positive role in world affairs.

On the down side, we have Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and other parts of South America where individual freedom is being throttled as opportunists of the Left encourage the poor to believe that soaking the rich will lead to greater prosperity for themselves. South America will soon end up looking like Africa. That continent never makes a scrap of economic progress, no matter how much do-gooders throw Western taxpayers money at its inhabitants.

In Europe it is hard to find any good news. The swamping of the Europeans with indigestible Third World peoples continues and may soon reach the point where the native peoples become a minority and Christian civilization will exist only (just) in the USA. The Leftist criminal enterprise that goes under the name of the European Union continues to slowly strangle free speech and free thought and the European Media ensures that the march to totalitarianism continues. Russia, outside of the EU, is retracing its own path to totalitarianism and I think the case could be made that freedom and some degree of democracy is more likely in Iraq than in Russia and its satrapies. The action of Time Magazine in choosing Putin as ‘Person of the Year’ surely tells us more about that magazine and the Media Class it represents, than about Putin. ‘Poisoner of the Year’ would surely have been more appropriate!

Putin, like his fellow-travelers in Venezuela and Iran, has been able to buy power as a result of the booming price of oil. The scarcity of oil at this time has been artificially created by the Leftist campaigns against drilling around the world and the restrictions on nuclear power generation. The discovery of vast oil fields off the coast of Brazil and other finds which will surely occur will consign the ‘Peak Oil Crisis’ to a distant future. This is bad news for all those political movements of Left and Right that relish a doomsday that will rocket them to power. This includes the British National Party that continues to be hobbled by its Socialist baggage.

Will the US economy fall into recession or worse in 2008? If the Media has anything to do with it – Yes! It has been peddling bad economic news for the 7 years of the Bush Presidency and will continue to do so with hope unless and until Hillary gets to the White House. Unless politicians and economic experts have their way, I think the American people, along with those energetic and talented people in South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and a few other places, will carry us through to continued prosperity in 2008. As for Global Warming, surely this incredible scam will run out of time and people around the world will start believing their own lying eyes.

The USA is the cockpit of the world for here is where freedom and Leftist tyranny fight for world domination. If the USA were to fall to Leftist domination, what chance of freedom surviving elsewhere? There is no doubt that the rise of the Leftist Media Class to power in both the USA and in Europe puts real freedom in great jeopardy. Freedom of speech, the greatest and most important freedom, has lost precious ground in many previously free nations, including Canada and the UK. In the US it is under constant attack but thanks to the US Constitution, it has proved resilient with many effective defenders. When I listen to Rush Limbaugh, read Ann Coulter and watch Bill O’Reilly, I thank God that I live in the USA and I thank God for the invention of the Internet. If Bill and Hill get to the White House in November 2008 they will quickly set to work to pay their dues to the Media Class that has promoted them. We can exp ect an all-out attack on those who have stood in the way of a Media Class monopoly. Fox News, Talk Radio and the Internet will be bombarded with legislation intended to silence them (and us) for ever.

Finally, a look at the approaching primaries! McCain continues to make an astonishing comeback according to the polls. I will refrain from saying ‘I told you so!’ For those who think I have been wrong about Mrs Clinton’s chances and that she is going to be doomed by Iowa, my answer is that she will ultimately get the nomination thanks to the Media. In these early primaries in thinly populated States, the people get a chance to see her up-close and in the flesh. Many do not like what they see. When the voting moves to the big States, the Media will control her image and she will win easily. Moreover, Obama will also be seen by the greater public only through the Media’s lens and he will be burned toast (No pun intended!).

At the moment Islamic Imperialism is being restrained by US military power. A Democrat in the White House and a Democrat majority in Congress will revive the morale of the Islamic militants all across the world. Sadly the enormous sacrifices made by heroic Allied soldiers (almost 40,000 killed and wounded) will have been in vain. In retrospect 2007 may well look like a very good year.

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