Palin-McCain Scores a Hit!

The Main Stream Media, home of spin, is also currently in a spin and all because John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. One of the first pieces of Media spin to be put out was that Palin was ‘unknown’. To people who pay little attention to politics until voting time this was probably true but to those Americans who pay attention, and especially during this long campaign, Palin was always mentioned as having an outside chance of selection along with Bobby Jindal. The MSM tried to marginalize her chances in all reporting and commentary because it was hoping McCain could be influenced to pick a loser. When I heard that she was McCain’s choice I was hugely impressed and so was every other conservative who had not been enthused by McCain’s Republican primary victory. We all knew that she is an authentic conservative and a tough woman. Anyone who has read the blogs on conservative websites or listened to conservative Talk Radio will be aware that Palin’s addition to the team has ignited the conservative base and has potential appeal to independents.

Nothing could more underline the boost to McCain’s campaign that she is, than the reaction of the MSM and the Leftist base of the Obama campaign. The Media Class panic is palpable in every newspaper and TV report and there is sheer poison spewing from the Leftist blogs on the Internet. If all this was not enough to validate McCain’s selection of Palin, the post- Denver Convention opinion polls are, for the MSM, like acute indigestion after a banquet filled with rich unhealthy food. Denver was supposed to be the moment when Obama swept into an unassailable lead in the polls and in its aftermath McCain was expected to pick a loser that would depress the conservative base to such a low point that the campaign from hereon would be a triumphal march by Obama to the White House. Instead, the polls show no bounce for Obama, and Palin eclipsing Biden as a VP choice. On this website we view all politics through the prism of the Media Class agenda and who can doubt that the MSM is desperate to abort Palin before she can utter a cry. Palin will have to be very tough indeed to survive the next eight weeks of Media and Leftist attack.

Few big-time politicians appeal to me as personalities. I doubt that I would want to live next door to one or have one as a personal friend. This applies nearly as much to Republicans as Leftists for to make headway in the political game a person has to have traits that are less than admirable. Being easy-going, unguarded in opinions, very frank, having an earthy and irreverent sense of humor, and being indifferent to popularity are probably all traits that would sink a political career above the grass-roots level. I doubt I would much like Palin and I am sure I would find Obama and Biden detestable. Bill Clinton on the other hand is probably quite a likeable guy if you find yourself talking to him in a bar and keep off politics. McCain might be prickly but I think I would find him interesting and pretty human under the surface.

My immediate gut reaction to Palin’s pictures is that she might be irritating, very single-minded and not much fun but we ought not to pick politicians on the same basis that we pick our friends. Palin’s resume is impressive and her religious beliefs are clearly not for show, as her decision to have her fifth child clearly demonstrates. This woman seems to be as tough as Mrs. Clinton and a whole lot more principled.

After damning Palin as ‘unknown’ the MSM has moved on to damning her as inexperienced. Thus we have been reminded that (1) Alaska has a small population. Its population is in fact only 100,000 less than Biden’s Delaware, a fact that no reporter mentions. (2) She has only been a governor for two years and before that she was only a mayor of a small town. Well, firstly she is only a VP choice so can be expected to have time to gain Presidential experience as an apprentice. Obama, with only 2 years in the Senate (most of which has been spent preparing for his next ambitious step up) and some time as an Illinois Congressman, has absolutely no executive experience of any kind, yet he has been touted as a man who will deal effectively with dangerous foreign enemies from day one as President. Community organizer! Well we all know that that stands for politicking on the public payroll! And this is the man whose lack of a real job in his whole life is presented in the MSM as evidence of his Washington outsider credentials.

Palin’s selection by McCain has been damned as evidence that McCain is ‘pandering’ to Rush Limbaugh and disaffected conservatives, in other words that she is evidence of his weakness- this from a MSM that lauded Obama’s selection of foreign policy ‘expert’ Biden as proof that his own inexperience was thus resolved. The same MSM has done everything possible to present Biden as a Catholic despite his rejection of central tenets of the Catholic Church. Mrs. Palin has a personal resume that is impressive. She has not prospered politically from her husband’s efforts nor has she prospered by sucking up to her Party’s hierarchy. This elevates her above both Mrs. Clinton and Obama. She has had five children and all by the same husband. If she has skeletons in her cupboard she will certainly not get the Media pass that enabled the faithless John Edwards to get away with reckless adultery. We will know from the MSM soon enough if Mrs. Palin has an Achilles heel. The MSM will try to make something of the dismissal of her policeman brother-in-law (now being tagged with the preposterous label ‘troopergate’) but this looks like a dog that won’t hunt and neither will the pregnancy of her 17 year-old daughter. Media and Leftist attacks based on slime and invention will alienate all but the Democrat morons.

The most recent opinion polls have been illuminating. We always have to be wary of the polls, not because they are falsified but because their topics and timing are mostly used by the Media Class to manipulate the news. Polling companies like to have a reputation for being right so they do not deliberately peddle lies but they do slant questions and often avoid issues that the Media Class want left alone. The polls about the state of the candidates this week were unavoidable and they were very bad for Obama and his Party. His masters thought he would get a huge bounce from the rock-concert style Democrat convention and it did not happen. It is likely that McCain’s announcement about Palin was a positive for McCain but I do not think that this alone could explain the lack of Obama bounce. I think the truth is that despite the MSM’s trumpeting of the unity of the Democrats and the glorification of Obama’s speech to the massed fans, the uncommitted voters have not been impressed. All potential voters now know that the MSM is conducting Obama’s campaign. It has become too obvious. On top of this, Obama’s choice of Biden revealed his hand as an old-style opportunist. It has become ever more apparent that Obama’s platform is populist tax- and- redistribute Socialism, play the race-card and blame America and that the personal story that propelled him to the fore is a fiction. All this depressed his poll numbers and Palin’s selection was only one factor of many. It takes a lot to wipe out the normal 10% + bounce of a convention, especially when that convention is being promoted by the MSM. One thing is certain. Conservatives are rallying to the McCain/Palin ticket because it is a conservative one. Palin’s appeal is ideological. That she happens to be a woman is a bonus but conservatives would support anyone who is dependably conservative and it would not have mattered if she had been Black, Latino or Asian. Media people, who seek to rule by Balkanizing society with identity politics cannot understand that conservatives care little about race.

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On this website we never underestimate the newfound power of the Media Class and in eight weeks it is possible that they will destroy McCain and Palin. However it is clear that Obama was not a good pick by the Media Class and that McCain has been underestimated as a campaigner. Add to this that the MSM does not yet have a total monopoly on news and we have a Presidential campaign that is wide open.

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