Justice For Officer Darren Wilson

We again interrupt radicalandright’s 3-part series on the civil wars currently raging in the Ukraine, Palestine and Iraq to continue with the subterranean American revolutionary civil war that recently erupted in Ferguson, Missouri.

Regular visitors to this website will know that we assert that the USA is in the throes of a revolution resulting from the ascension to power of a Ruling Class. Since its foundation and thanks to its Constitution, the USA has never before been ruled by a Class. The evolution of the Leftist Media Class in the 1960/70’s, controlling  news and entertainment for the unsuspecting masses, and its natural alliance with Leftists in the Public Service Unions and Government workforce, African/American malcontents and the Leftists of Academia, has enabled the Media Class to capture and usurp the power of government and Courts. Consequently America now has a Ruling Class which operates through the Democrat Party, the Presidency, a politicized Judiciary and a lawless government bureaucracy. Control of these sources of power has enabled the Media Class to push through a stealthy, speedy and astonishingly shocking revolutionary agenda.

President Obama is, above all, the tool of the Media Class, not of its allies. It was the billionaires of Hollywood who selected him and abandoned Hillary Clinton prior to 2008. It is likely that the Clintons had more supporters in the ranks of the public service unions and government workers and even in the Democrat Party but Bill Clinton had antagonized the billionaire homosexuals of Hollywood and elsewhere. Obama made many visits to Hollywood in 2007, where we believe he reassured America’s richest elite that, once in office, a homosexual and libertine agenda would be his priority. He had personal attributes that  Hollywood  found reassuring, including narcissism, unlimited ambition, a desire for the good things in life, an ability to lie with sincerity and conviction, no respect for the law, hostility and resentment towards America and its people that was sure to play well with most African American voters and a REVOLUTIONARY Leftist education. Having the attributes of an actor and few moral principles were clearly appealing personality traits to Hollywood people.

It is important to remember that although Obama nurses resentment towards successful races (primarily Whites and Asians) he is not genuinely sympathetic to America’s Blacks. Like his Media Class masters, he views the unsuccessful Black masses as gullible voters and readily available street troops who can be easily aroused. It is vitally important that counter-revolutionaries should realize that the Democrat Party is a tool and not a power of itself. Pelosi, Reid and the rest occupy their positions in the public sphere only as long as the Media Class permits. They, and Obama, are always dependent on a protective MSM – except that they are more vulnerable than Obama. The Media Class has more invested in him and it cannot afford for him to fail in the public’s mind. The rest of the Democrat Party leaders, talentless and unappealing, are easily replaceable.

All this must be borne in mind when assessing the current unrest in Ferguson (and the events surrounding the recent Trayvon Martin episode). So too, must the current unemployment situation in America. Under a Republican Administration, widespread unemployment would have merited obsessive Media outrage, a constant MSM barrage of ‘unacceptable’ statistics and a daily narrative of how unemployment was hitting the Black community hardest. Given however that the Media Class’ own man has had 6+ years in the White House, and that America’s current economic situation is the result of policies that satisfy its allies in Government employment and Academia, the scope of joblessness is concealed by the MSM. America’s contemporary masses, Balkenized by immigration; misinformed and indoctrinated in school and college; distracted by TV sport and Soaps; anaesthetized by narcotics; degraded and brainwashed by Pop culture; addicted to the trivia of Facebook; and emotionally absorbed by dog worship, exist oblivious to the real state of their Nation.

America’s Blacks are hardest hit by unemployment, for they are the least equipped to work. Never mind, for the Ruling Class (which could care less about anything other than the homosexual agenda and the destruction of the hated and feared Christian morality) and its allies bestow palliatives in the form of food stamps, cell phones and other tax-payer-funded benefits. They also, through MSM propaganda, Academic outpourings and a Leftist-dominated public school system, continually re-enforce the notion that this idle, subsistent life-style is the result of injustice, bigotry and White racism. However, for America’s urban Blacks, the economic success of recent Asian immigrant arrivals provides an unpleasant reminder that Blacks are stuck on the bottom rung of the ladder. Furthermore, the fruits of welfare do not adequately compensate for the sense of economic inferiority that lurks, even in the ghetto. Add to this the inevitable consequences of dysfunctional ‘family’ life and a nihilistic culture that breeds violent and rapacious predators and the results are what we are seeing in Ferguson – an explosive underclass awaiting a spark.

The riots and looting in Ferguson were not lighted by the Democrat Party nor by Leftist and racist agitators, though the latter were quickly on the scene. The Democrat Party rarely if ever initiates anything, but simply trails behind the Media Class agenda. It is the MSM that sets the daily political agenda of the Media Class and makes its own news. In Ferguson, as last year in Florida, the MSM (always marching in a remarkable lockstep that is the conclusive evidence of a Class agenda at work) saw an opportunity to set several birds flying with one stone. The killing of Blacks by Whites is a rare occurrence and has been for the last 30 or more years. The norms are Blacks killing Blacks, followed by Blacks killing Whites and Asians. Remarkably, Blacks rarely attack and murder Latinos, despite living cheek by jowl in big cities. The explanation may be seen demonstrated in prison life. Latinos are not guilt-ridden like Whites nor are they passive like Asians and so take immediate and brutal revenge. In any case the MSM strives to manufacture a public perception of Blacks and Latinos being united as ‘people of color’.

The birds set flying in Ferguson included the MSM’s regular reinforcement of the myth that White oppression of Blacks has never ended. The second was that Whites must remain burdened with the guilt of slavery. The third and over-riding MSM motive for igniting racism in Ferguson is the approach of the November elections. The Senate is at risk of falling to Republicans, putting at risk Obama’s program of packing the Federal and Supreme Court with Justices hostile to the Constitution. The Black voting base and brainwashed guilt-ridden young college Whites must both be energized. Fourthly, public attention must be diverted from the disastrous consequences of 6 years of Obama’s chickens coming home to roost. Lastly, but not to be overlooked, is that revolutions- even the stealthiest- ignite violence. The riots in Ferguson not only enabled Black mobs to do a little redistribution of wealth and vent their rage at Asian shopkeepers but they also gave Red mobs an opportunity to intimidate the Classes deemed historically obsolete.

In past articles we have regularly written about the brazen intimidation and demoralization of law-abiding people that is at the heart of any modern revolutionary movement. Ferguson in August must have been the scene of innumerable crimes against both property and persons. Apart from a few token arrests and ultimately even fewer prosecutions, these will go unrecorded and unpunished. Probably, Brown’s fellow robber of the Asian store and much-reported lying ‘witness’, will also go unpunished. Crime statistics never include the myriad crimes of Black rioters. Brown’s ‘captured-on-video’ robbery is not only dismissed as irrelevant by the MSM and the Justice Department but – and this demonstrates the power of the Media Class and its Leftist allies to turn reality and morality upside down –any mention of it is deemed to be unfair, racist and a smear on his character. The latest MSM news bulletins reporting that his funeral will take place tomorrow not only do not mention that he was a robber but shamelessly claim that he was about to commence college in the coming week.

Nowhere in the MSM is there a mention of the Asians who have lost their property and livelihood to the looters. Only in the alternative media can one learn that the little Asian shop assistant who Brown disdainfully manhandled when helping himself to his goods, has lost his job because local Blacks suspect him of ‘snitching’ to the police when robbed. The poor man has protested his ‘innocence’ of snitching but to no avail. The shop owner, desperate to appease Ferguson’s Black mob, is vocal in his reassurances that the man no longer works there. The little man, it is claimed, has gone into hiding, as has Police Officer Darren Wilson. Scrawled over buildings in Ferguson are the revolutionary boasts that “Snitches get stitches”. No MSM reports this!

The most glaring evidence that the Media Class and its allies are now confident of their powers is the fact that, as in the Trayvon Martin case, they can select a violent criminal and remake him a victim worthy of martyrdom. At the same time they can take the unfortunate citizen who they have selected as the ‘fall guy’ and turn him into a permanent fugitive. Officer Wilson’s side of the story has found no place in the MSM. It is possible that Wilson, who was clearly doing his public service duty when he confronted Brown and his fellow robber, lost his ‘cool’ when attacked and subsequently fired his gun recklessly. If he did, what normal citizen can blame him? But the facts, once they are released, will probably absolve him of any guilt. We already know that he did not shoot Brown in the back as alleged and trumpeted by the MSM from day one, and now wholly downplayed by the same MSM. We now know that Brown’s accomplice in crime, and the MSM’s much-quoted ‘witness’, was a liar as well as a criminal.

Those discerning citizens who look beyond the MSM for news and facts, will be aware that this whole Ferguson episode is an outrageous affront to common sense. Even if Wilson ‘lost his cool’ there was no justification for protest marches, let alone days of rioting and brazen looting. Yet the MSM has succeeded in affronting common sense. Obama, Holder and numerous Democrat toadies have publicly thrown their support behind the rioters and looters yet I have yet to find one Republican politician who has come to Wilson’s defense and demanded his right to justice. This is the power of the Media Class and its MSM!

We hope that Mark Levin, Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh, having read this article, will produce a bumper sticker with the words “Justice for Officer Wilson!” In the meantime I will be writing and displaying my own.

Please note that in too-White Napa there has been no looting!

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  1. That was another brilliant article. Had not heard about the poor little Asian fellow who got fired because of the store owner’s fear of the mob. That is such a shame. Once the media get their narrative going, they care little for “facts”. Your point about the lack of any Republicans calling for justice for Wilson and the victims of the rioting is spot on. They are miserable cowards. Keep up the good work.

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