Hillary’s Hate Speech Shared With ‘Never Trumpers’

Time for confession! I am a Deplorable and proud of it! I am happy to be in the same basket as Michael Savage, Shawn Hannity and some millions of working Americans of all faiths and none. I am also a bitter clinger and unrepentantly so.

Hillary Clinton may have committed a bit of a gaffe when in her recent speech she described half of Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables”. They were, she said “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it!” The other half of his supporters she dismissed in condescending terms as suckers. Well, she didn’t actually use the word ‘suckers’ but that is what her words amounted to.

This latest attack on Trump supporters can be added to the constant drumbeat of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its opinion polls that emphasizes the lack of college education, propensity of manual jobs, and low income, of Trump supporters. It is now a ‘given’, even among the victims of these smears, that Trump represents losers, tradesmen and the ‘left-behinds’ of society. Implicit, and sometimes expressly said, is that they are also White.

Most of these smears do not stand up to rigorous examination, but the monopoly that the MSM enjoys when it smears its Counter-Revolutionary opponents, ensures that there is no such rigorous examination. The clearest refutation of the smears of ‘ignorance’ ‘education’ and ‘left-behind’, is the huge presence in the Clinton support of African Americans. They really are the uneducated, ‘left-behinds’ and losers of American society, as both they and the MSM keep telling us in order to justify welfare spending and to nurture White Guilt.

Of course, no-one prominent in public life, except maybe Donald Trump – bless him – would dare to enlist such awkward facts in defense of Trumpets because the MSM would immediately employ the ‘racist, bigot’ accusation of Hate Speech. It is hard to beat the MSM and its monopoly which enabled Hillary Clinton to indulge in a little Hate Speech against working Whites.

Still, I think we should cut Hillary a little slack here. She can be forgiven for smearing Trumpets with the language that the Republican ‘never Trumpers’ have been employing for months past. Indeed, some like Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, have gone much, much further, accusing Trumpets of nursing Nazi appetites and polishing up their jackboots.

The Trump campaign, combined with the Media Class/Far Left Revolution that lurks below the surface of this election, has by fortuitous accident laid bare the divisions of contemporary America. These divisions include Race (Black versus White/Asian), Geographic (North East versus Old South, and West Coast versus Prairie and Plains), Intellectual (taxpayer funded Academia versus producers of necessities), Sexual (perverts and libertines versus normals), Economic (Government employees versus the industrious), Age (the young indoctrinated versus those with life experience), Religion (Jews versus Gentiles), Wealth (billionaires versus the increasingly impoverished), and Loyalty ( Internationalists versus patriots).

Trump supporters are for the most part the Whites, the people of fly-over country and the Old South, the producers of life’s necessities, the sexually moral, the industrious, those with hard-earned life experience, Gentiles, the increasingly impoverished, and patriots. Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” attack on these people merely echoed the sentiments of superiority and arrogance of the ‘never Trump’ Republican elite.

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