Hillary & the Poison Pill

In previous articles we have referred to Obama’s offer of Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton as a poison pill. The seeming mystery was ‘why did she take and swallow it?’

We can assume that there is no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas. Both couples are unprincipled, thin-skinned, entirely self-centered, hugely ambitious and greedy. Now we have done with the compliments, let us add that the words ‘psychopath liars’ are not out of place. As we wrote in our most recent article neither the Clintons nor Obamas qualify as ideologues of the Left for these are not people prepared to suffer for beliefs or sacrifice for the under-privileged. Something other than idealism fuels their obsession with high office.

The Clinton’s marriage, despite Media-arranged dances on the beach, long ago ceased to be a romance, and even their fiercest defenders would not pretend otherwise. In the last eight years it has become clear that the Obama’s avoid each other’s company. Both marriages long ago degenerated into business arrangements. The two couples therefore have much in common, none of it uplifting, and both have competed for the same prize. This does not make for comradeship, even on the Left.

We can be sure that the 2007 Democrat primary competition generated some noxious fumes along the way, with its undertones of racism and a good deal of cheating at the finish. The final result, which snatched away the White House from ‘She who was entitled’, must have led to scenes of rage beyond description in the Clinton Corp. HQ.

We have now had ample opportunity to observe that Obama is not a gracious winner, nurses resentments, is unforgiving, needs to gloat, and is too insecure to tolerate any powerful rivals within his government. This is evidenced by the appointments of Biden, Kerry and other talentless buffoons. For a long time Hillary was kept on the outside of the White House as she worked to keep herself in the public eye and secure a place in Congress.

Many wondered what the real prize was that she was seeking. There was speculation that she wanted a place on the Supreme Court or that Bill was after the UN’s top post. What was certain was that they both ‘worked’ to pay off the debts of the primary campaign and accumulate a war chest for another run for the White House. Speaking engagements and a book deal raised some millions of dollars but the Clinton business has a lot of costly overheads, not least because the partnership requires two separate lifestyles. Hillary has to live and travel like a Queen and Bill has to secure lady friends.

There is another overhead the Clintons continually have to fund and we will come back to it shortly, but largely overlooked for its significance was the creation of the Clinton Foundation. Cloaking itself as a ‘global charity’ and with a wing calling itself the ‘Clinton global initiative’, the Foundation has been accumulating money in spectacular fashion. Many wealthy American Democrats have been contributing large sums since the charity’s foundation, either to buy immunity from something or buy future favors but the biggest sources of giving have been foreigners and foreign governments.

As we wrote in our previous article the Clintons are a business partnership and they are in business to maximize profit for the Clintons. Most American (and British) charities enrich the people who front them and not too much trickles down to the needy. The Salvation Army is a notable exception. The Clinton Foundation may well be one of the richest charities in the world.

Obama most likely dangled the office of Secretary of State in front of Hillary and Bill knowing that she would have to carry the can for his devious foreign policies and blunders. Her appointment was intended to kill two birds with one stone- free him from taking responsibility and at the same time embroil her in cover-ups and failures that would sink her political career. He may have been surprised by her acceptance.

The Clintons are politically astute though not at all astute in their private lives where greed and lust lead to cutting legal corners, shady dealing and a trail of sex scandals requiring costly pay-outs. The Clinton business machine guzzles fuel and needs frequent visits to the gas station. The State Department job was like acquiring Aladdin’s lamp and access to the cave of treasures.

The Clintons are now a wealthy business and the Foundation is bringing in the bucks. It funds two expensive life-styles (three if Chelsea is included) and is intended to fund the road to the White House, but once again the Clintons may  be about to be undone both by their shady methods and a misjudgment of the political forces.

Emailgate is the result of shady methods. Whilst many speculate that concealing official emails was intended to hide political failures it is our belief that it was intended to hide foreign donations to the Foundations. The Clintons assumed this tactic would work because the MSM can always decide what is and is not a scandal – especially during an election campaign.

The Clintons took for granted the support of the Media Class. We believe that key elements of the Media Class, particularly in Hollywood, are not done with punishing Bill Clinton and so the MSM, or at least, important parts of it intend to keep Emailgate hanging like an albatross around Hillary’s neck. If that is not enough, the Foundation’s records will be explored, as only the MSM knows how!

Since the Hollywood cabal owns the current White House, no-one should be surprised that Obama is letting her dangle but he is probably enjoying the permission to once again gloat over an old rival.


Many conservative commentators point out that although Hillary is looking like damaged goods, the Democrats have no other contenders. Indeed it is true at this time and we devote attention to Mrs. Clinton because she might yet be America’s next President. However we remind our website visitors that the Media Class has a long history of creating ‘Stars’ from nothing. When Fred Astaire seemed to be the only master of dance, other Studios soon came up with Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Red Skelton. What is Obama if not a ‘Star’ created and sustained by the MSM? As we looked at a Comcast picture of the Obama’s smirking about their Hawaii plans, we could not help concluding that anyone can be President of the USA.

In a previous article we wrote that millions of African slaves were imported into the USA. A website visitor emailed to point out that credible research has claimed that the true figure was much less than one million and that the growth in numbers of Blacks was down to reproduction. Most African slaves went to the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America. Certainly the modern Leftist agenda of creating ‘White Guilt’ would deter any contemporary researcher from challenging inflated figures.

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