Gun Rights and Ferguson

A Washington Times headline on December 10th 2014 was “Support for Gun Rights at Highest Point in Two Decades”. According to the Pew Research Center 52% of Americans now say it is more important to protect 2nd Amendment Rights. Only 46% support increased restrictions on gun ownership.

This website considers the right of Americans to own guns – an absolute right enshrined in the Constitution – to be a cornerstone of true freedom. Our affection for the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting. In fact we disapprove of the killing of wildlife for sport. Our affection is for the power Americans possess to defend themselves, their families and their homes from murderers, thieves, rioters and looters —and from a revolutionary and predatory government.

As the Obama/Democrat regime has pursued its revolutionary and racially partisan policies since 2008, so have gun and ammunition sales steadily increased among Americans. Gun ownership must now be at a record high and this surely is one of the few positives to have come out of the depressing and demoralizing 6 year march towards Leftist totalitarianism. Professor John Lott, who started out his research as an anti-gun academic was forced by the facts he uncovered to conclude that widespread gun ownership coincided with reduced violent crime. He subsequently wrote a book that provided the statistics for this conclusion. This should have silenced the enthusiasts for gun control and confiscation. Not surprisingly however those on the Left were not impressed by facts or evidence of public good. The campaigns against the 2nd Amendment gained traction with every ‘mass shooting’ by a mentally deranged person or a neurotic fame-seeker. Always such campaigns have been funded by Leftist billionaires and orchestrated by the Mainstream Media on behalf of the Media Class. Michael Bloomberg, the former RINO Mayor of New York has been in the forefront of such campaigning since Obama entered the White House and set about undermining Christian morality. It is beyond doubt that Leftists desire a disarmed and helpless population on whom to inflict the benefits of Socialism, multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. Billionaire Bloomberg, who no doubt enjoys armed personal protection, has poured millions of dollars attempting to defeat and replace elected politicians who support the 2nd Amendment. His efforts have been spectacularly unsuccessful.

The failure of Bloomberg and his comrades, most notably in the recent elections, has not occurred in a vacuum. Certainly the National Rifle Association and similar organizations that represent ordinary citizens have played their part, but increased popular support for gun ownership must have deeper causes. On this website we believe that one of those causes is the cumulative effect of Obama’s revolutionary policies which more people are seeing for what they really are. It is now beyond doubt that Obama and his Democrat comrades are attacking the American Way, the Constitution, basic freedoms and property rights.

The Obama/Holder Government’s blatant favoritism of Blacks has not only alerted Whites to danger but also alerted Asians, Orientals and even Latinos, all of whom regard themselves as White, even if the Left insists on classifying them as ‘minorities’. The outbreak of random Black-on-others crime (knock-outs and Flash mob raids on stores) although unreported by the MSM and ignored by the Justice Department has convinced many who live near Ghettos of their vulnerability to attack and robbery. The in- effectiveness of police protection, hampered by political correctness and Justice Department restrictions has become obvious to many. The latest and most powerful spur to gun ownership however is surely the Ferguson insurrection and its copycat outbreaks in New York, Oakland and Berkeley. The Internet has enabled everyone to see greedy unrestrained Black mobs practicing redistribution and arson and White Leftists (student Trotskyites and Maoists) setting the scene for them. Moreover, good citizens (including those Blacks with an investment in family life and law and order) realize that the criminal lawlessness that is affecting their daily lives has the encouragement and approval of the Media, the Government, the rich, Academia — in short, America’s new Ruling Class.

And so the steady growth of gun sales and the expressed support for the 2nd Amendment are a direct expression of many peoples’ belated realization that the Ruling Class and its government are fanning Black resentment, encouraging Black violence against others, condoning criminal redistribution and seeking to disarm the victims. At a deeper level we believe that there is an awakening to the revolutionary nature of our new Ruling Class and that behind the Black mobs and White Marxists are the intimidating powers of the State. The people are beginning to arm themselves for resistance!

Taki’s Magazine is a ‘must read’ Website for all counter-revolutionaries and one of its bravest and most erudite contributors is Steve Sailer. His latest article of December 10th is headlined “Intro to Megaphones” and it is well- worth reading. Sailer makes the point that the Media has the propaganda megaphone, and he is correct. If he had been a reader of our website he would have got a little further and understood that not only is the MSM a megaphone for propaganda but that it is an incredible weapon in modern society and is the source of the Media Class road to the White House and Revolutionary power.

Sailer believes that the MSM (Media Class) keeps making crass errors by selecting for promotion people and situations that are poor material. He cites Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and most glaringly the Rolling Stone article (now retracted) concerning ‘Jackie’s rape by blond, blue-eyed Virginia College students. Since Brown was obviously a thieving thug and Jackie a liar, Sailer implies that the MSM’s should have found better examples. He is missing several crucial points.

First, there are no better examples available simply because the Nation’s police are not randomly executing innocent Black victims nor are White College students regularly engaging in gang rape.

Secondly our Ruling Media Class and its MSM weapon have no need of ‘good’ cases. Any situation will do because they have the megaphone and the opposition does not. Consequently our Ruling Media Class has become arrogantly careless. If necessary it simply invents cases, for this Ruling Class, rooted in Hollywood and the Arts, sees little distinction between fact and fiction. Moreover, when pursuing the virtuous goals of Leftism, the ends justify any means. So their cases of racial injustice or persecution of women are created for the right political moment and not for their factual content—which is irrelevant.

The admirable Mr. Sailer also goes wrong when he suggests that British Nationalists have advantages over America’s Nationalists because they have soccer through which they can and do express Nationalism.  American Nationalists like Mr. Sailer would do well to avoid commenting on British politics for they invariably get things wrong. To suggest that the British Ruling Media Class lives in fear of the BNP and the “ascendant English Defense League” is laughable. If only it were true! Yes, the BNP is always lurking on the fringes of UK politics and it does deserve popular support, but the Megaphone, plus a national police force and judiciary has so far had no problem keeping it on the fringes. As for the English Defence League being on the “ascendancy”, we have to wonder to whom Mr. Sailer has been listening. The actual ascendancy of the muddled ‘protest’ UKIP, under the leadership of the even more muddled Nigel Farage, is proof of the failure of British Nationalist parties to date.

Americans, with their Constitution, right to bear arms, States governments, still robust Christian Church and widespread patriotism have sunk nowhere near as low as the pathetic British who long ago surrendered their arms, their freedom of speech and are now surrendering their overcrowded country to Muslims. America has its own problem with the Megaphone but there is a resistance movement and it is armed and proud. The UK is an occupied country and Nationalism has been crushed.

Global Warming Watch

Extremely cold weather is gripping America’s Northeast and Great Plains, surely normal for the time of year. A much-heralded and much-needed prolonged rainstorm has just struck California’s Bay area and southern coast dumping plenty of rain. Californians may regard this rain as noteworthy but residents of the UK’s Southwest peninsula would not think so.

Weather men in the UK have been predicting a giant storm moving in from the North Atlantic with waves 50 feet high about to strike the coast. So far none of this has materialized. Nowadays, In deference to Al Gore, weathermen routinely predict mayhem.

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Gene Kelly’s “Singing In the Rain”. Seems appropriate!

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