Emailgate, Menendez and Ferguson

The negative headlines for Hillary Clinton are continuing in the MSM, with the WSJ’s Saturday edition carrying a large Byron Tau article “Clinton Email Use at Odds With Guidelines”. It ends with the sentence “The Obama administration has moved to distance itself from the controversy, with White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett saying on Bloomberg TV that President Barack Obama has long believed in transparency and open access to records”.

Let us skate past the brazen dishonesty of Jarrett’s remark about a President who  has spent a fortune on legal fees hiding all his personal records, who has never explained where he was on the night of Benghazi and who issues legislation that has never been publicly debated. We can be sure that Emailgate would not have arisen on Bloomberg TV unless Jarrett had pre-approved it as a topic and checked with her boss before commenting. Jarrett could have vetoed the topic, a common practice for this administration when it wishes to bury news, and a tactic the MSM is eager to collude with.

The WSJ’s opinion pages generally feature ‘moderate’ Republican articles even though the rest of the paper is Far Left propaganda, so it is not surprising that Emailgate appears there. Under the heading “Stuck in Scandal Land”, Peggy Noonan has written a long piece solely devoted to attacking the Clintons. It is a very good article and strongly recommended, for Noonan not only presents Emailgate made easy, but reminds readers that back in 1999, when Hillary was running for Senate, she, Noonan, wrote a book called “The Case Against Hillary Clinton”. Reference to the book enables Noonan to set out, once again, all the Clinton scandals up to that time. Cattle futures, Travelgate, the lost Rose law records, women slimed as bimbos, foreign campaign cash, the stealth and secrecy that marked the creation of the health-care plan, Monica and the vast right-wing conspiracy- she reminds us of all the sleaze and outright dishonesty that characterizes the Clintons. Noonan also quotes NYT’s columnist William Safire who later wrote that Hillary is “a congenital liar”.

Where Noonan goes wrong in her conclusions is in assuming that Hillary’s career success and survival despite scandals, is because she exercises a mystique over Democrat Party members. Noonan appears to believe that Obama broke her mystique in 2008. All this attributes a power (and a stupidity) to the Party. We do not argue much with the stupidity of rank-and-file Democrats, though we believe that the modern-day members are not so much stupid, as lacking in principles and that getting away with crime, sleaze and hypocrisy wins their admiration if it advances the moral decline of the Nation.

More importantly Hillary and Bill have, until now, prospered because the MSM has colluded. In 2008, Hillary was ditched for Obama, not because she lost support among the Democrat rank-and-file or much of the MSM but because a faction of billionaires in Hollywood, the Kingmakers of the Media Class, were resentful that President Bill had not done enough for homosexual advancement. It has been one thing for the MSM to ignore the Clinton sleaze-this it does for almost any Leftist- but another to crown a White House contender.

Since Hillary/Bill as yet have no obvious competitors, the homosexual inner cabal of Hollywood billionaires fear that this time the Clintons may succeed in carrying the Democrat standard and end up in the White House. The Media Class leaders are moving to find another Obama and unleashing the MSM on Hillary’s latest scandals. It is not easy to uncover the Clinton crimes for this pair and their accomplices are adept at erasing the evidence as they go along. Emailgate is simply the greedy Clintons brazenly leaving no fingerprints by ignoring some rules. This deviousness will probably work well enough to avoid criminal prosecutions but it will not be enough to sustain a White House ambition if the Media Class has other ideas. The MSM can create and fuel a climate of scandal for as long as necessary.

This leads us to the Menendez scandal. That this New Jersey Senator has used his office to do favors for a friend is surely Senatorial par for the course, especially for Democrats. So why are Holder and his comrade Obama using the DOJ to bring him down? For once, we do not think this is the work of the Media Class. Holder and Obama, who owe their offices to the Media Class, have increasingly sought to use their power to pursue personal resentments. Mostly it has been ‘Get Whitey!” but Obama is a vindictive man. He sees the next two years as a time to rule like an emperor and he does not intend to let Congress stand in his way. He is particularly incensed when a Democrat has the nerve to stray from slavish loyalty. Menendez is linking with Republicans to throw a spanner into the works of Obama’s ‘anything- but-transparent’ nuclear bomb deal with Iran. A prosecution by the DOJ will not only punish Menendez but serve as a lesson to any who might consider taking an independent stance.

In revolutionary times, when the old rule book and old customs are discarded, and naked power is exercised, punishment using the machinery of State has few limits. How many indiscretions, small and larger crimes are being nursed by the DOJ for use when necessary? In this instance it is a senior Democrat who is to be made an example of but we can be sure that there are Republican legislators and judges who are similarly vulnerable to investigation. Just as the IRS was used to intimidate and punish political opponents so too can the DOJ strike fear into any who offend the sensitive occupant of the White House.

Now that Obama has discovered that he can rule without Congress, he need not worry about sacrificing a Congressional seat or two. Only the Media Class using its MSM can limit Obama’s power and as he is faithfully pursuing its agenda he has nothing to fear when exercising a little personal malice.

Whilst on the abuse of power that is exemplified by the Obama/Holder DOJ, we recommend a visit to the VDare website of March 5th. Read both of the excellent articles demolishing the DOJ’s report on the events of Ferguson, Mi. One is headlined “Darren Wilson: Free at Last” by Pat Buchanan. The other is “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Was a Lie. Data Shows Latest DOJ Report is Too”, by Paul Kersey. These articles will not get the exposure that Noonan’s is receiving and so the American public will remain largely ignorant of the truth about Ferguson and its aftermath of looting, arson and intimidation. Just as Senator Joe McCarthy’s reputation as a patriot has been destroyed by the MSM and academia so Darren Wilson will forever be commemorated as the cop who cold-bloodedly shot an unarmed Black youth in the back thus causing a sea change in the policing of Black neighborhoods.

If a counter-revolution is ever successful one of the first acts of its leadership should be the complete dismantling of the DOJ.

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