Divided They Fail!

Things are getting very interesting and unpredictable in the US election run-up. Not that I am getting cold feet about my forecast that the Clintons will get the Democrat nomination.   What has been happening however is that the ruling Media Class has become almost equally divided within its ranks. In the beginning the Class was united behind Mrs. Clinton and preparing to arrange her victory. All Media Class commentators saw her as both the inevitable and crowned. Who could stand in the way of her coronation? Certainly none thought that the young Black man who had enjoyed much Leftist publicity at Democrat conferences and was promoted as ‘one for the future’ would dare to put himself forward so soon. I think the Democrats assumed he would wait his turn. Obama however had a political history that was below the public radar but familiar to certain interested groups. He had cemented his Leftist reputation with the Chicago Democrat Party and with his voting record in the Senate and he had carefully reassured all the ‘progressive’ social groups and especially those preoccupied with abortion and homosexual ‘reforms’. It would appear that he has outflanked the Clintons with the ‘same-sex marriage’ activist organizations and at private meetings with the sodomy proponents he has been outspoken in his support. Since these are very well-organized and wealthy people (and hugely influential in the Media), he started his campaign with their money and ground troops.

It now transpires that he also had the fervent support of a Leftist Chicago-based billionaire, Penny Pritzker. This woman, an heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, has been a close friend of the Obamas for some years. She is now his national finance chairman and she has many wealthy friends. It so happens that her equally rich brother is a generous donor to the Clinton campaign, and this points up what I have written in previous articles about the Democrat Party being the Party of the wealthy whilst being portrayed as the Party of the underdog. I will write about the bond that exists between the Media ruling Class and the wealthy in a later article, but it is a phenomenon that is now apparent in all Western nations.

The disunity of the Media Class began in Hollywood, when several big names publicly deserted the Clinton fundraising campaign and switched allegiance to Obama. Then the wealthy and Black Oprah came out actively campaigning for him. There were probably several reasons why the crack in the Media Class dam quickly widened. I have mentioned Obama’s early and extreme commitment to Leftist social causes, but I have no doubt that his sunny personality and ‘rock-star’ performances also appealed to many members of the celebrity world. Then there was the novelty that he is Black and there is nothing Leftists in the Media Class like more than appearing to be ‘inclusive’ and radical. Behind all this lurked the uneasiness of many about the Clintons and their baggage. I think quite a few Media Leftists worried that the Clintons might not be acceptable to many uncommitted voters in a general election because they have a sleazy history and ugly reputation that even the Media Class might find hard to erase.

In any event Obama has prospered with much of the Democrat rank and file and now holds a small but significant lead in delegates, and as a result the Democrat Party and its Media masters are caught up in a civil war that they are totally unprepared for. As with all civil wars, this one is proving to be quite unpredictable and as each day goes by it becomes more destructive. Although many Leftists are horrified by the future consequences they seem to be helpless to stop the momentum. This civil war has torn apart the rainbow coalition that is the Democrat Party, and most notably torn it along racial lines. As I had predicted many times on this website and long before the MSM was noticing, Black aspirations have now been raised and the underlying racist component that exists in every multi-racial society is manifested. I am not talking about White racism but the racism of minorities that is usually more virulent than that of the majority race. Latinos generally despise Blacks with whom they frequently live cheek to jowl. I know this from my own experience. It is now being said quite publicly that Blacks also do not like Latinos. No doubt Orientals and Asians (American PC demands that Orientals and Asians be lumped together) also harbor much racism. The current Democrat civil war is opening up and exacerbating these fractures in the Democrat multi-racial coalition.

The Clintons have the support of many groups that are traditionally on the Left. I have written before that the ‘feminazis’ are all for Hillary and they bring with them the so-called female vote. Homosexuals, although insignificant in terms of votes are powerful in influence and wealth and many remain loyal to the Clintons because of their track record. Latinos, in so far as they vote Democrat (and many do not) have clearly been supporting the Clintons in elections. White Trade Union voters are for the Clintons and I think the latest revelations about Obama will ensure the Jewish vote (which is even more reliably Leftist than the Black vote) will also go solidly for them. The Jews are particularly powerful in the Democrat Party machine and in the Media Class. For all of these reasons and the proven ruthlessness of the Clintons and their gang (and the possession of those FBI files) I think the Clintons will ‘win’ but the victory will shed much blood.

The latest revelations about Obama and his religious adviser may provide the moment when his bubble bursts. These revelations will not lose him the support of the Black voters or his White activists but they will buttress the Clinton claim that he would lose a general election. This argument will surely sway those super delegates that are not already in the Clinton camp. No matter how the Clintons win the primary campaign, fair or foul (and probably the latter), I think Black expectations are now too big to assuage unless Obama accepts being a decorative and totally powerless vice-presidential candidate to Hillary and Bill. Even this might not be enough to heal the wounds of this civil war. In any case, I don’t think Obama will be willing to put the Party’s interests before his own and maybe the fall-out from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright revelations will convince Hillary and Bill that his presence on her ticket would be a millstone around her neck. At the moment the MSM is avoiding the Rev. Wright controversy like the plague, but it is unlikely to go away. Fox News, Talk Radio and the Internet together have breached the MSM monopoly on news this big.

For UK readers, I will just say that this Black preacher, who until yesterday had been Obama’s ‘spiritual adviser’, is not really a Christian preacher, but a political preacher who has been preaching Black power and racial separatism for decades in Chicago. Obama has been sitting in his congregation for twenty years, the Obamas were married by him and their children have grown up in his congregation. Film has now surfaced of Rev. Wright ranting from his pulpit on several recent occasions and it is not a pretty sight. It does not sit well with Obama’s message of hope (‘The Audacity of Hope’ title of Obamas acclaimed auto-biography is a quote from Wright), new ways, reaching across the divides of society and reaching across the political aisles. Yet Obama cannot distance himself from Wright because he is too intimately tied to him over twenty years.

The controversies over the votes in Michigan and Florida are also exacerbating the Democrat civil war and these too will not go away. The Democrat Party is in turmoil and is revealed as a Party that cannot make rational and binding rules and govern itself effectively, and this is the Party that seeks to govern the US and suffocate it with ever more rules and laws. On top of all this mayhem, Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat star (and another fabulously wealthy Leftist) has been disgraced. Although never mentioned by the MSM as a Democrat, Spitzer cannot have done the Party any favors at this time.

It is a long time to November and plenty of time for the Media Class to come together behind a candidate and to rewrite recent history, but this may be the year when the Democrat Party loses its monopoly of the Black vote. John McCain is beginning to look more and more attractive as the next President. My advice to McCain (who reads this website at first light every day!!), is to pick the recently elected Republican Governor of Louisiana as his VP candidate. Bobby Jindal is of Indian origin, is a Catholic, a conservative and is only in his middle thirties. He may not have been Governor for long, but even a few months in the executive seat would make him more experienced than Hillary and Obama combined and his age, racial origin, conservatism and Southern base would galvanize the Republican base.

At this point in time, conservatives and Republicans should be feeling a little optimism and Ann Coulter should be getting depressed.

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