Charlotte Rioting, Arson, Looting Not Being Reported By MSM

Here we go again! Yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, police officers sent to a Black area to serve a warrant, observed a Black man with a gun get out of his car. He was not connected with the warrant. He was instructed to drop the gun but did not and was shot. The officer who pulled the trigger was also Black.

The dead man is Keith Scott aged 43. Scott’s daughter began agitating that her father was carrying a book and not a gun and was a victim of police violence. By the Tuesday evening a mob of Black protesters had gathered and soon rocks were being thrown at police officers. Some protesters on bridges threw rocks on passing cars. Two buildings were set on fire and a Walmart store was looted. Passing vehicles were stopped and the drivers assaulted.

Police say the police shooter has been suspended pending investigations. They also say no book was found at the scene, but a handgun was in the dead man’s possession. No doubt on the Internet more information about Keith Scott will emerge and reveal he was not returning from the local library or from Barnes and Noble.

The Mainstream Media is reporting the shooting of Scott but not mentioning the arson, looting and attacks on drivers. The disturbances are being reported as ‘protests’. 16 policemen officers were injured by the rioters. At this point in time it is not possible to predict if tonight will be chosen by Black Lives Matter for an increase in violence and looting.

For the MSM, a calculation has to be made about the effect reporting a Charlotte escalation will have on the forthcoming election. Most certainly more rioting and a renewed narrative on Black victimization will help to mobilize the Black vote for Hillary Clinton. But if investigations reveal that the late Keith Scott had a serious criminal history and there is video of him holding a gun, he will not be the ‘poster child’ the MSM seeks, especially as the shooter was a Black policeman. In such a scenario, rioting, arson and looting may mobilize for Trump, Whites, Latinos and Asians.

Meanwhile the MSM has concealed the meeting between Donald Trump and the Egyptian President. The experience of reporting Trump’s visit to Mexico, and revealing his presidential status and demeanor, has taught the reporters a lesson. That mistake will not be made again. Trump has an up-hill task campaigning against the all-powerful MSM. There is no mainstream news in the USA, only propaganda.

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