An organization working for the election of Hillary Clinton as President is said to have sent an email to a reporter of the New York Times setting out a list of words that reporters must not use when writing about her. The reporter has revealed the list on the Internet. The rationale for the list is that the words included are considered ‘sexist’ and therefore are on a par with words that are deemed racist.

Since almost all the words have no connection with sexual identity but are words that might be used as criticism, used negatively and are less than flattering, it is clear that her election team is striving to eliminate any word used in the MSM that might cast her in a less-than-perfect light. A Queen indeed! The email to the reporter concluded with a chilling threat that her reports will be watched and that there will be consequences for writing anything that is not positive and supportive.

We can assume that this threatening email has been sent to other reporters in the MSM but they have not revealed its existence. Our first reaction on this website is that this story has been invented by the NYT reporter, perhaps to lure conservative Talk Radio Hosts into a trap.

Today Rush Limbaugh devoted some time to the email and list and normally he is careful to check out facts before jumping in. After reading aloud the list, Rush asked for listeners’ suggestions for words not included on the list but that would be appropriate to describe Mrs. Clinton. We have a word we have frequently used to describe Obama and many other leading Democrats who share the common trait of bold and persistent lying. Often we call them shameless and psychopathic but ‘brazen’ is surely the most appropriate. When Mrs. Clinton stands before the microphones and says “What difference does it make?” and when she casually dismisses her use of a private server for State Department business as mere ‘convenience’, we think ‘brazen’ describes her best. If she is behind the email to the NYT reporter, her brazenness has expanded along with her hips and backside.

Assuming that the email is genuinely Clintonian, it reveals her confidence in the MSM’s commitment to promoting her candidacy. Perhaps her confidence is misplaced or she is worried that the MSM cannot be relied upon and believes that threats will intimidate those in the Media Class who normally make and break politicians.

When we heard the news of the Germanwings crash and noted the absence of bad weather our first suspicion fell on the pilots. We took the same view of the jet liner that headed from Malaysia down to Australia. The authorities have been reluctant to reveal anything about the pilots in that tragedy. We now know that the German co-pilot committed suicide and once had a bout of depression.

Endogenous depression is a true and devastating mental illness like schizophrenia and manic-depression. It almost certainly would have been so apparent in this pilot’s medical past as to rule him out of employment with an airline. Reactive depression is quite different and triggered by external events. It would require a major event in a person’s life to find expression in the deaths of 150 other people. Investigators should be looking for something shameful in this pilot’s recent experience. One example would be wrestling with, or indulging, homosexual tendencies (the first reactive depression) and later experiencing the symptoms of AIDS. Blackmail may be involved.  Of course, a failed heterosexual relationship can trigger a reactive depression and homicidal tendencies but either way we will not be surprised if the cause is sexual.

Finally, the phrase “What difference does it make!” or a variation of it may become Mrs. Clinton’s stock-in-trade if the MSM allows her to get away with it again. In an America where traditions are becoming anathema, history can be re-written and only a revolutionary new society matters, ‘moving on’ and ignoring the past is an arbitrary weapon of our Ruling Class.

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