Election Results

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This page lists elections by country. The countries included are the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Holland, and Norway.

Data from Wikipedia unless stated.


Selected countries listed in alphabetical order

GERMANY – Federal elections in September 2017.

HOLLAND – Local elections in March 2018.

NORWAY – Parliamentary elections in September 2017.

UNITED KINGDOM – Local elections in May 2018.

UNITED STATES – Gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia in November 2017.


Countries having major elections since November 2016 listed in alphabetical order

FRANCE – First and second round French elections held in April and May 2017.

HOLLAND – General elections held in March 2017.

SOUTH KOREA – Presidential elections held in May 2017.

UNITED KINGDOM – Parliamentary elections in June 2017.

UNITED STATES – Presidential elections held in November 2016.