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This page lists major elections recent and upcoming in Europe and around the world.

Data from Wikipedia unless stated.


11 September – Norwegian Parliamentary Election. Major parties: Labour Party (left-wing), Conservative Party (center), Progress Party (right-wing)

Projection: toss-up between Labour and Conservative

24 September – German Federal Election. Major parties: CDU (center), SPD (left-wing), (left-wing), Green Party (left-wing), FDP (center), AfD (right-wing)

Projection: likely CDU win, but not majority


Since April 2017

8 June – British Parliamentary Election. Major parties: Conservative Party (centre-right), Labour Party (left-wing), LibDems (far-left)

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9 May – South Korean Presidential Election. Major parties: Democratic Party (left-wing), Liberty Korea Party (right-wing), People’s Party (centre-left to left-wing)

[table id=2 /]

Result: Democratic Party Victory, gains for People’s Party

23 April and 7 May – French Presidential Election. Major parties: Socialist Party (left-wing), Republicans (center), National Front (right-wing)

[table id=1 /]

Result: EM Victory, gains for National Front and losses for Republicans

4 May – British Council Election. Major parties: Conservative Party (center to center-left), Labour Party (left-wing), LibDems (left-wing to far-left)

[table id=5 /]

Result: Conservative Victory, losses for Labour and UKIP

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