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For more than 11 years (since mid-2005) we have been using this website to alert Americans to the growing power, wealth, and ambitious political agenda of the Media Class, concealed behind its propaganda machine – the Mainstream Media. We revealed its alliance with the Far-Left, their purging and occupation of the Democratic Party, and their capture of the Presidency in 2008. We identified this as the entry of America’s first Ruling Class, complete with a transforming agenda, and in truth the commencement of a revolution. We always warned that the MSM was not a source of news, but the formidable propaganda weapon of the new Ruling Class – two of its tasks being to misrepresent the revolution as ‘politics as usual’, and to conceal the presence of the Ruling Media Class.

Over the 8 years of the Obama Presidency, the revolution was advanced by stealth, increments and edicts, and the Democrat retention of the White House in 2016 was intended to advance it beyond the point of no return.

Almost from the beginning of the Trump campaign of moderate Nationalism, which swiftly attracted a sturdy mass following, we defined it as a (belated) counter-revolutionary resistance. Despite Trump seeming a most unlikely counter-revolutionary leader, we could see that great forces were at work which would either quickly destroy him, or put steel and purpose into his campaign, in the process stripping away much of the MSM-created façade of ‘politics as usual’.

The culmination of the contest last fall – along with the faltering Clinton campaign – forced the MSM to brush aside the Democratic Party leadership and emerge as the revolutionary political force it has long been. Commentators on the Right – with Rush Limbaugh in the forefront – have now identified the MSM as the real political force, and the Democratic Party as its mere appendage. Post-election events have further revealed the power and the agenda of the MSM and the subsidiary role of the Democratic Party leaders.

Limbaugh and others have yet to make complete sense of all this by identifying the Media Class, its components, its rise to power, and its (mainly social but very revolutionary) agenda. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people on the Broad Right are beginning to recognize – what we have been writing since last fall – that America is becoming engaged in an unavoidable civil war.

We have continually maintained that a new Ruling Class and its Far-Left Allies, having occupied government and advanced their agenda almost to the point of no return, are not going to concede peacefully.

From the article “Is Civil War Avoidable?”, published May 12, 2017