Broad Right Should Be On Offence For Education Pick

In Congress, a Far Left Democrat Party that has lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency, is about to delay further to Tuesday afternoon a Senate vote on President Trump’s pick to head the Education Department. Mrs. DeVos is probably not a very committed member of the Broad Right, being narrowly focused on charter school expansion, but her appointment would open the door to one of Trump’s most Counter-Revolutionary campaign promises, school vouchers for Christian schools and colleges. DeVos has already been deserted by two Republican Senators – Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

America’s public education, and much of its private education, has been in the grip of the Far Left for two decades or more, teaching global warming, economic redistribution, open borders, aggressive multi-culturalism, materialism, homosexuality, and White Guilt, to young impressionable minds. It has also been in the grip of public service unions.

There is no time to delay, for every day at school and college more children and young people are morally corrupted and turned against the Nation. Breaking union power in education with extensive Charter School expansion must be a Broad Right priority, but even more important is the introduction of vouchers to all, so that poor Christian parents can choose Christian schools and colleges, thus rescuing their children from brain-washing. There are millions waiting to do so, and their school choices will greatly expand Bible-based Christian schools and expose countless children to the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Bible, simultaneously driving out homosexual advancement and gender confusion.

Trump’s campaign commitment to unrestricted vouchers for Christian schools and colleges was his most Counter-Revolutionary promise, as the Broad Right will discover once the Trump policy is announced by Mrs. DeVos. It is our prediction that no other Trump policy will arouse more antagonism and hysteria on the Left and in the Media – not even the Mexican wall, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and deportations. For the anti-Christian attack on real marriage and heterosexuality lies at the very heart of the Media Class plan for America, and eclipses even race-promotion and open borders.

The treachery of Collins and Murkowski must not be forgotten, but the DeVos vote will also be a test for Democrats Heitkamp, Manchin, McCaskill, Donelly and Tester. Changing sides later will be too late to save seats.


  1. The only sensible course of action is to abolish the department of education and fire the entire useless bureaucracy. That should be the ultimate aim of every Christian nationalist.

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