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This page archives pictures on this website and lists where they come from. Note: we do not necessarily agree with the content of the websites from which these pictures came from. There may be foul language, profanity, and/or inappropriate pictures on a listed site. Also, all these images are from the internet and may have been cropped for use on this site. The noted website does not include the URL: for example, the “New York Times” is not referring to the newspaper, but to the New York Times website.

If we are wrong about where an image comes from, feel free to contact us and tell us where the image came from. Many pictures can be found on several websites and have not been included in this list because their original location is unknown.

From Politico.

From the Express.

From the BBC.

From the Daily Beast.

From YouTube.

From The Hacker News.

From Sporting News.

From Flickr.

From Animal-Dream.

From Photorator.

From CentreTownBuzz.

From ClipArtFest.

From Points In Case.

From Kentucky Fertility Institute.

From The Discerning Angel.

From Fox40.

From Weebly.

From USA Today.

From Politico.

From Ask History.

From OSU (Ohio State University).

From Hamilton Broadway.

From ITV.

From China Personified.

From Living Wilderness.

From Lobsters & Ligatures.

From CPSU (Civil Public & Services Union).

From Amazon.

From Prezi.

From Youtube.

From NPS (National Park Service).

From Mother Earth News.

From The Dawn News.

From Photos Public Domain.

From Care2.

From Wikipedia.

From Alchetron.

From Wikipedia.

From Matt Monro.

From Raytown Schools.

From Wikipedia.

From SCMP (South China Morning Post).

From Newsday.

From Inquisitr.

From TV Guide.

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