Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams: By Hampton Hawes

Those who have read the foregoing article might assume that I am on the same page as those who believe Blacks to be intellectually inferior and incapable of anything beyond crime and welfare. The current sad state of so many Blacks is mostly the result of White Leftists. Whites are sinking into a similar cultural, intellectual and physical decline for the same reasons.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s America’s Black musicians proved that there was no lack of brain power. Parker, Powell, Navarro, Gray, Gordon, Brown and a multitude of lesser lights blazed an awesome trail in music.

In LA, some very complicated yet reachable and emotional jazz could be heard nightly in small clubs. A young piano giant emerged and was good enough to play with Parker, Gordon and the great Clifford Brown. Hampton Hawes must not be forgotten for he had a unique musical talent that remains a reminder that Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan), the Beatles, Elvis, Barry Pincus (aka Barry Manilow) and Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) were and always will be musical pygmies created by a degenerate Media Class.

The album ‘For Real’ was recorded in LA in 1958 and brought together Hawes, Harold Land (tenor sax and a one-time Clifford Brown sidesman), Frank Butler (drums) and an explosive new White bass player named Scott La Faro. Many times I passed over the second track (‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’) which was played as a ballad, for I had heard Dixieland versions of it for years and was tired of the tune and its lyrics.

Last night my son was playing the Hawes version and I was moved, especially by the Blues-drenched, boppish and exquisitely-executed piano of Hawes. No room for strummers, moaning wimps and pansy-boys in this muscular music.

After the counter-revolution, when America’s young men will measure up to their post-war fore-runners, these musicians will be standard listening!

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