South of the Border: By Lou Donaldson

In 1939, the song-writers Kennedy and Carr wrote a song titled “South of the Border” (Down Mexico Way).

We recommend the 1961 recording by the excellent jazz alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson. Born in 1926 in North Carolina, Donaldson is still alive. On this recording, which has a Latin flavor are Herman Foster (p), Ben Tucker (b), Dave Bailey (d), and Alec Dorsey (congas).

Donaldson breezes through this number and we thought that a light, cheerful version would lift the spirits of those illegals that the next President is going to send south.

With apologies to Frank Sinatra, who recorded the best vocal version, we have rewritten some of the lyrics as follows.

The Donald has told me,

That I cannot stay,

North of the border,

Head Mexico way!

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