Sidewinder: By Lee Morgan

Miles Davis became a Media darling largely because he was openly moody, hostile and contemptuous of White people at a time when racial masochism was beginning to infect them. He was fortunate in that several far better trumpet players died, leaving the field rather sparsely occupied. Fats Navarro and Clifford Brown were two far superior players who died young and the third was Lee Morgan, who was shot on the bandstand by a jealous woman. Morgan like Fats Waller had the rare ability to play humorously as well as seriously. He composed and played ‘Sidewinder’ in 1963. This sinuous, ‘snakey’ recording had Joe Henderson on tenor sax, Barry Harris on piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass and the outstanding drummer Billy Higgins. Morgan unlike Davis was a happy player and on this track he is clearly enjoying himself. Enjoy it with him!

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