2nd Time Around Review: Robert Goulet

The great song-writing team of Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn wrote “The Second Time Around” for the 1960 movie “High Time”. It has been recorded by many singers including the best, Frank Sinatra. It is not often that a song’s lyrics outperform its tune but in this case Cahn’s words turn a good tune into a great masterpiece. It is also not often that a singer can equal a Sinatra performance but the Robert Goulet version of this song (from the album “Hollywood Mon Amour”) is perfect, not only because Goulet is so tuneful but because he was a master of romantic words. This music, with lyrics that are truly meaningful, is absolutely only for grown-ups. Fans of Protesting Bruce Springsteen, Mincing Reggie Dwight and Whining Bob Dylan are advised to avoid.

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