Salt Lake City Blues: By Peggy Lee

In pre-Revolutionary times disc jockeys promoted good popular music. Today they promote the cultural pigswill that reflects the tastes of the Ruling debauched Media Class and which is designed to rot the brains and morals of Americans.

Back in the old era of 1959, America’s disc jockeys gathered in Miami for their annual convention and that year they invited Peggy Lee and George Shearing to entertain them. Imagine that happening now, if you can!

Lee and Shearing had rarely performed together but in a couple of days they had selected a program and put together some arrangements. The concert was recorded and resulted in an album titled “Beauty and the Beat”. One of the tunes they chose was Rene and Lange’s “I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City” often referred to by musicians as “Salt Lake City Blues”. Highly recommended!

Let us hope Soros is left with those Blues next Wednesday.

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