George’s Dilemma: By Clifford Brown

With one recording we can maintain the theme of today’s article which is Trumpets and (Trump’s pledge) dilemmas. After the early deaths of the awesome trumpeter Fats Navarro and genius (saxophonist) Charlie Parker, the flame of great jazz music passed to the trumpeter and composer Clifford Brown. Unfortunately he too suffered an early car crash death at the age of 26, leaving the far less talented and racially angry Miles Davis to become the face and trend-setter of 1960’s jazz.

We recommend the 1954 recording of Clifford Brown’s own composition “George’s Dilemma”. Brown is on trumpet, Harold Land (tenor sax), Richie Powell (p), George Morrow (b) and Max Roach (d).

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  1. He was actually 25 when he died. The date is tricky because if you look at the years, you would think 26, but he was a handful of months shy of his 26th birthday.

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