Dick Morrissey: After Dark


My son, who is a budding piano player and jazz enthusiast has picked a track from the Dick Morrissey Album “After Dark” which was recorded in 1983. Morrissey was Britain’s best tenor sax player after the early death of Tubby Hayes. Self taught (like most of the greats of jazz), he began playing in New Orleans revivalist bands before discovering the work of Charlie Parker, when he switched to bebop. I was fortunate to hear Morrissey twice in a small and intimate Bristol jazz club in 1970 when he was in his prime. He was superb and his playing direct and from the heart. “The Lou Grant“ theme tune was my son’s pick from the album. The accompanying musicians are the excellent Jim Mullen (gtr), John Critchinson (pno), Ron Mathewson (b) and Martin Drew (d).


Morrissey was an early cancer victim and played from a wheelchair for several years before his death. Born in 1940, sadly he died in 2000.

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  1. Great album i bought at the time i think the jim mullen solo on change partners is one of Jims best.

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