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Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Muslim: Some Plain Talking

One of the things that concerns my wife is how we are going to fund our son’s college education in a few years time when he will finish Christian school. We have long been saving in a college fund, but even if there is no stock market collapse, it will probably be quite inadequate. Personally, I am not sold on […]

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Hispanic Turk Arrested For Deadly Mall-Place Violence

Arcan Cetin, aged 20, and a longtime resident of Oak Harbor, Washington State, was arrested by local police last evening in connection with the shooting of 5 people in a Macy’s store on Friday evening. The Authorities, who were baffled by his racial appearance are now baffled by his motive. So far they have not been able to identify his […]

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Trump Marches To The White House

In our article of August 29th we predicted that Trump’s surprise appearance in Mexico, if followed by a tough immigration statement in Phoenix, would prove to be the point at which he staked his claim to the Presidency. Since his speech in Arizona was a masterpiece of delivery and content and even more proof of his steadfast character, we are […]

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Trump’s Mexican Visit was Presidential

Trump’s snap visit to Mexico City caught the Mainstream Media enemy by surprise and it is still struggling to report it negatively. It was too big to ignore without greatly offending Mexicans in the USA and the Mexican President. Given how Trump’s past remarks about the porous border and its invaders have been misrepresented by the MSM, and how Mexico’s […]

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