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Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Muslim: Some Plain Talking

One of the things that concerns my wife is how we are going to fund our son’s college education in a few years time when he will finish Christian school. We have long been saving in a college fund, but even if there is no stock market collapse, it will probably be quite inadequate. Personally, I am not sold on […]

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Ohio State University Terrorist and Wisconsin Challenge

As this article is being written at 10.30 am, Monday morning, the Mainstream Media and the Ohio Authorities have yet to mention the identity of the attacker (s) or clarify whether he acted alone. Numerous reports on KSFO radio earlier in the morning quoted Internet messages from students trapped inside the campus who described a sequence of events that suggested […]

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Trump’s Lead Puts His Life In Great Danger

It was reported today that Steve Borowiec, a homosexual reporter for the LA Times, has been forced to withdraw a tweet in which he expressed the hope “to see Donald Trump’s life end”. Early on in this Presidential campaign we wrote that if it looked likely that Trump would win the Presidency, he would be in great danger of assassination. […]

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New Jersey Train Crash. Something Missing from MSM Reports

This morning’s NJ Train crash seems to be as inexplicable as the Philadelphia Amtrak commuter train crash of just over 17 months ago when the engineer hugely exceeded the speed limit going into a bend by 26 mph. That crash killed 8 people and injured almost 300. News reports are that a few unlucky people have been killed, and many […]

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Burlington Mall Killer Looks Middle Eastern In Official Pics

As soon as news of Friday’s mass shooting in Burlington, Washington State, was reported in the Mainstream Media, the suspected killer was described as a Hispanic. This in itself was odd, since it is now MSM policy to never identify suspects by race or skin color unless the suspect can be described as ‘White’. Since the unfortunate victims were all […]

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Charlotte Burns, DOJ Moves In, and Obama / Clinton Silent

In yesterday’s article we predicted a second night of rioting, arson and looting in Charlotte, N. Carolina, unless undeniable news emerged that Keith Scott, the Black man shot by a Black police officer, had a history of crime and had been holding a revolver and not a book. So far, the White Mayor and Black police chief have not revealed […]

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