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New Jersey Train Crash. Something Missing from MSM Reports

This morning’s NJ Train crash seems to be as inexplicable as the Philadelphia Amtrak commuter train crash of just over 17 months ago when the engineer hugely exceeded the speed limit going into a bend by 26 mph. That crash killed 8 people and injured almost 300. News reports are that a few unlucky people have been killed, and many […]

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Donald Trump. An Open Letter To Erick

It is always encouraging when someone from out there in the USA sends a supportive email to this website. So thanks, Erick, wherever you are. Presumably you share our view that America is now ruled by the Media Class in partnership with the Far Left, and that as a consequence we are suffering an incremental but very real Revolution. Hopefully, […]

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Karl Rove Is Right

In today’s Wall Street Journal Karl Rove, the former Bush adviser, is predicting that Donald Trump’s reliance on TV and Radio guest appearances, is a fatal mistake. Rove appears to be positioning himself as a Trump supporter. Rove has long been a bete noir of Conservatives and Nationalists because of his association with Bush-era passiveness and then his fund-raising subservience […]

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